Name Game: The Not-so-Missing Link

The Not-so-Missing Link

I hope they all have different last names too.

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Haha so true. They all wear the same always x3
Though 'It's in the legends' or so the windwaker said.

So they can get away with it. They always metion 'That one hero from bygone ages though'.

How come this wasn' on the front page? Also, I think I missed the joke.

Ha I guess that could explain about the Link in Spirit Track (how Link and Zelda/ Tetra from Phantom Hourglass had never got hook up I will never know since ST is the sequel to that game) althought I believe that Link and Zelda were just clones due to the original cannot have a child naturally.

"they just all happen tto be the chosen"

Seems too be an extra T. :P

Playing Skyward Sword aswell, it is very good so far.

Only thing which annoyed me, though it is my own fault since I didn't pay attention, was that some attacks break your shield instantly if you block at the wrong time, i.e too early or too late.

Many congrats on the artwork, they were awesome and totally worth the money, for the children!
I'm also not ashamed to admit that I had a good eye leak along with Graham and Tally at the end.

I still don't have Skyward Sword...I'll put on my sad face now.

Or Maybe Link is the videogame Duncan Idaho?

Maybe each town has someone responcible for naming, like Namingway from FF5, who is actually The Watcher from Marvel... Or one of the 3 Spirits. I prefer The Watcher.
Know what would be awesome? If in the Marvel vs Capcom games The Watcher occasionally popped up during a counter and cried "Toasty!".

Anyone else feel like this comic gives some horrible implications about what happens to all the Links that aren't the chosen one? Perhaps some sort of Highlander-esque fight to the death.

Kind of reminds me of school actually. Kayla A, Kayla B, Kayla G... Kyle S, Kyle G, Kyle T...

Creativity! Parents, don't go for generic names!

I have a better explanation. The series is called The "Legend" of Zelda, think about it.

I've heard a few theories on how the different games fit in chronologically. But most of them assert that while some of them share a Link (like the Oracle games or the first two ever), it's nonetheless a number of different Links in each era. My guess is that at the end of Skyward Sword, it'll turn out that Link and Zelda have left an inexplicable genetic constant on the whole of the Hylian race that keeps reincarnating them.

Or hell, maybe Link is a kind of Time Lord, and his regenerations end up making him exactly the same each time but with no memory.

Hyrule Hospital. More like the Nintendo Cloning Facility.

Some Zelda games are alright. others I wish to banish to the sun.

Fucking computer didn't let me watc desert bus.

Oh man really? Jeez I don't know much about the Legend of Zelda but I hadn't realized I was this uninformed!

Maybe Link is just a popular name?

Best I can think to describe it.

The Legend of Sally: Jim's Awakening.

Not quite the same ring.


I'm also not ashamed to admit that I had a good eye leak along with Graham and Tally at the end.

Anyone who didn't has no soul.

I think there's a Dread Pirate Roberts thing going on.

As Yahtzee pointed out some time ago he's not always called Link. Just putting that out there :P

And yeah... That last hour of Desert Bus was hard to watch without letting any emotions out. We love them all :)

You know, in all the Zelda games I've played, I don't think I've ever run across a protagonist named "Link"...

That does explain why Zelda keeps being saved by Link yet never feels an attachment to him. She just doesn't want to give preferential treatment.


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