Tales from the Table: Chapter 16: A Tale of a Robot

Chapter 16: A Tale of a Robot

On their way to defeating the Evil Lord Cryson, the Adventurers face up against their most powerful foe yet, the mysterious robot known simply as Ted 308!

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At 04:00 Ted 308 still has his left hand :P Easy mistake to do. I liked the episode due to the monthy python reference and dramatic dice throwing.

Epic mustache!

Epic mustache!

That's why Cryson overthrew him.
Common cause of revolution, 'specially in the Americas.

"Mustache Envy".

I think the dice throwing was actually more epic than the swordfighting. Great job.

Good episode, it look like the GM is back to his senses at the end.

awesome episode! swordfighting wasn't as exciting as in real movies, but that's not to be expected by such a small production team :)
the 'epic dice throwing' was great!

The dice throwing was the most epic I've seen ever! Goodness the direction was awesome in this episode! I think Ceredryn could have used a slighter lighter sword...but the was soooooooooooo awesome!

Do we get a season 2? Please?

YAAAAAAAAAY! I've been waiting for a while for this, and as expected it was quite awesome. Quite awesome indeed. Muhuhahahaha!

This series is showing to be some real high quality material, with great characters, storytelling and special effects. I was sitting on the edge of my chair during the entire episode. It felt almost like playing bioshock.

I'm hoping the escapist realises that and allows you to stay for another year. I know who I'll be cheering for in this year's film festival.

Keep it up guys (and ladies, of course).

I'll be watching. In fact, maybe I'll go and watch this series all over again whilst waiting for the next episode....

btw: since they're standing in a field, maybe cryson(?) can summon some mud-monsters, monster trees or giant bee-swarms or something. A dragon would be cool too, but probably beyond your budget. XD

This can't stop here... Not now.... More!

Season two invasion of the evil heros?

That was brilliant! I especially loved the epic dice throwing montage.
But wow, this show's taken a dark turn.

That was brilliant! I especially loved the epic dice throwing montage.
But wow, this show's taken a dark turn.


A good mix of D&D, Star Wars, Python and a bit of Robocop (Ed 209/ Ted 308)

I can hardly wait to see what happens next.

Mindblowingly amazing as always. I am very sad to see it end though.

Love the series. Probably one of the best currently on the Escapist. Can't wait to see how it ends.

There's only really one thing to say to that...


That was awesome! Season 2 please!

(Although a few tiny spots of weird editing right at the start. It kinda faded out for a title sequence and faded back in again without actually having a title sequence and the dude was running and they showed a shot of him running back at the start again)

I do love the design of Ted, I love how the DM reacted to their success and the cliffhanger was epic. Also the evil laugh after she killed her own father and the oh crud moment when the DM sprang it on them

Just remember the evil guy with the helmet is ALWAYS either your father, brother or best friend.

Ahhh, still completely retarded. By leaps and bounds my favorite series here.

I'm sad that it looks like the next episode is probably the last of this season but make another season! Amazing stuff every week.

Awesome episode. That dice-throwing was just epic. And that suit looked really cool, too!
Can't wait for the next episode, this is just so damn awesome!

As Dora The Explorer says, 'Magnifico'! (I dunno ... don't ask)

Even with a freakin' Storm Trooper/Centurion lookalike ... the hand being cut off ... light sabres ... allllll the Star Wars references ... the amazing thing is it DIDN'T feel 'overdone'. Great work. The feeling of the series has already very successfully been established, the characters are well developed, and we actually give a damn about them - hence the 'Star Wars Enemy Reveal' actually working.

I didn't for a moment start thinking 'oh pleeeeease' in this episode and that I think is a great endorsement of the cast and crew on this, and especially the writing and direction.

Maybe JJ Abrams should have hired these guys to write half of Lost. Then I may have given a shit when Jack had ANOTHER argument with Locke, or Sawyer stubbed his toe, or Kate lost her favourite toy plane.

Holy McCrap! The penultimate installment is upon us. What a blast, great follow on from last Ep. Was that a real zombie-ninja-pirate army behind Cryson at the end? btw Congrats to the writers for integrating so many pop culture refs in such a way that it is a very complementary parody and yet, I've never quite seen anything like it before, but I want to see more and more and more. Season two better be happening or at least somebody start a Realm Ball league! Keep up the great work, really hanging for the last Ep.......Just Awesome!

ps. that Ep. really didn't feel like 7+ mins, i think that's the true sign of an engaging and enjoyable show.

pps. How can we as viewers support Aardvarks Anonymous to keep it coming?

Goodness gracious, cannot wait for the next episode.

ESCAPIST MAGAZINE! Get the Aardvarks nailed down for another season, these guys are going places.

For some reason, I'm getting the feeling that the Dungeon Master is slowly becoming corupt like his villain. Maybe that might serve as some sort of plot point for a season 2? Final episode would be him having a mental breakdown, or them all leaving him since he is getting kinda crazy? It might be a cool way to start a second season XD

Fucking. Epic.

Moar pleez.

Oh the Drama, oh the suspense, Oh the nerdom! See this is why this is one of the favorite shows on the Escapist // You giys know how to pull out off the stops for an epic cliffhanger

Also, where do you all those cool clothing?



Also, where do you all those cool clothing?


Skyrim and Star Wars references in a Monthy Python segment? Color me impressed.

And this, children, is what happens when you piss off the DM.

This show's gone from strength to strength since starting here. Really impressive fight choreography considering it's a web series, and that final scene was actually pretty touching. This is, for my money, the best series on the Escapist at the moment; please oh please let there be a second season.

Excellent show! I hope to see a Season 2 of it. Also, Rufus should acquire the ability to Dragon Shout in Season 2.


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