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Suspiciously Good Movers

When you need something moved in a little less time than it probably ought to take...

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I dunno about you guys, but I totally believed him.

Nope, he definitely wears it better Paul

I dunno about you guys, but I totally believed him.

Of course they don't have a teleporter, cuz I've already stolen it! BWAHAHAHA

seems legit to me.

Alright, I believe that you don't have a teleporter. But perhaps you're using some kind of dimensional rift or some other kind of science fictiony means of transportation.

LRR's split-screening has really come a long way over the years.

Ok so no one had ever asked them if they were speedster like the DC comic superhero The Flash?

He seems very trustworthy, so I'll take his word on that.
I don't know why people tend to be so suspicious. Some even thought that Vlad, from Aldrheim was a vampire, even thought he said he wasn't.

Their speed and efficiency might be able to save the US Postal system!
Nah, you'd need some kind of teleporter for that, and they certainly don't have one.

it's obvious you don't have a teleporter, you have a micro wormhole generator duh?

which is totally Newtonian and therefore safe.

also, make this ad. seriously you're suspiciously good ad makers.
it's almost like you have a clone army of ad designers, but we all know that's rediculus, right?

oh please... they got the calibration frequency all wrong.

All right, you may not have a teleporter, but do you have a portal gun by any chance? Perhaps you have some propulsion gel to even go faster?

It's nice to see that Kate gets to do more than just boom this week.

I had the feeling something was up with Paul but it wasn't until they came out and pretty much stated it did I realize it was his hats. Now I feel dumb.

I think he was lying, there is no way he has a permit for dumping trash in subspace.

Just think of the number of things that a clone army of Pauls could have on their heads... Madness.

You're trying to divert from the real question: Have you guys sold your souls in a pact with the Devil? Or perhaps Jeyne Kassynder?

That's what's happening to my Argon Crystals!!!!

Excellent split screening guys. It was completely convincing. Well done!

I don't know guys. They seem legit to me.

The episode, technically, was extremely well done. Still though, I think you hit the "teleporter" joke too early, it seemed a little rushed to me and not as funny as it could have been.

Kind of a downer compaired to last weeks episode.

Look I'm not the type to ask questions so would it be possible to transport me to the inside of Fort Knox momentarily so I can grab some gold that totally belongs to me?

What was that number again?

First of all: KATE!

Second of all: There were several shots that I just don't know how you pulled them off... I'm flabbergasted as to how Graham can move from one side of the camera over to the other, and then paul can place a box on one side and move it to the other as a different paul...


Never let a good moving day go to waste...

I can vouch that they don't have a wormhole to the Arogon mines of Thelleos V as I have a monopoly over that entire operation. That said, my client list is considered confidential and I cannot confirm or deny the moving company as one of our most important earth-based clients.

paul seems to really like talking to himself, almost more than playing dead people.

Some really good effects on this. Subtle, but well done.

Solid split-screening. Bravo.

I need to move.
Bring all the Pauls you have!

Would you know if one was missing?
Just for information...really!

Frequency 906243 eh, so that's why it's been wigging out everytime I've been scanning...

Uhm, I mean never mind, carry on.

Now you are thinking with portals.

So, did you find someone who was in the midst of moving, and just start shooting there? 'Cause that would be a lot of setup work otherwise.

I understand there are limits to what can be pulled off in the time available, but it felt like it needed to have more wacky stuff going on in the background -- more Pauls, another Graham entering in the background, seeing himself addressing the camera, and ducking back out again, Or you could have gone totally Escher and had a couple of Pauls working on the ceiling...

Very nice work.

You know for a company that can afford to operate a transporter device. You sure didn't invest alot in that commercial. Haaa zing.

Good job though, the camera / editing / intertransporter interaction was flawless.

How do they get Argon to crystallise at room temperature? I mean, it's not like it could be an argon compound.

I was suspicious at first but the nice man who explained it to us seemed trustworthy so I believe him.

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