Media Sandwich: Episode 1

Episode 1

From the creators of No Right Answer comes Media Sandwich, a new podcast series covering videogames, movies, TV, comics and more.

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Hmmm....seems to only be giving me the option to save this as a video rather than an audio podcast. Which is a small problem as i prefer to listen to these on my MP3 player whilst cycling into college.

EDIT: Ah forget about that complaint, did it myself! Looking forward to listening to it later.

You guys are some of the best stuff on the Escapist right now :D An hour though? It's conflicting on me. On the one hand, 1 hour of awesome! But on the other hand, an hour? I never sit down for an hour :D I'm going to have to parcel it up and listen to the rest of this later

I'm sure you'll hear this quite a bit, but definitely post this in .mp3 format. Podcasts are usually what I'm listening to instead of music pretty much all the time, so being able to directly download it like that would be nice.

About half through, but definitely liking that this podcast is here. In the last week, I found myself wondering when the next Armchair Thinkers would be posted, and I guess I got my answer.

You guys are awesome. I love No Right Answer and I'm definitely going to follow this show. Also Corfluffle is my new favorite word.

Edit: I also have to say I was never the biggest fan of Drinking Games. It is just not my style.

Its funny... I actually don't like Drinking Games or No Right Answer, but I really enjoyed this podcast. I think its because it feels like it has substance.

I know that sounds like a backhanded compliment or some kind of passive-aggressive diss on you guys... but I genuinely like this podcast and hope you continue with it. I'm just less enthusiastic about your other shows.

Though, please lose the singing. It hurts.

I love Skyward Sword so far, but I agree Fi is annoying for a while. However, the hand-holding becomes almost non-existent at a point. As a matter of fact, I finished three dungeons thus far and I've actually had to consult Fi at one point to figure out what to do at one point; something I've never had to do in a Zelda game.

However, after those first three dungeons, I'm starting to wonder where this "100+ hours of gameplay" comes from. I've been playing for around 20 hours, and a lot of that has been faffing about in Skyloft. I have 11 hearts, which I find in other Zelda games to be a good indication of how far along in the story you are.

You guys are my new favourite people on the internet, and I dig this podcast.

I am kind of glad Drinking Games is ending, though. I never thought it really clicked.

It sounds like you guys have been very fortunate to meet all kinds of awesome industry folk. Have you ever found trouble being composed, or do you let your inner fanboy slip out? Also, do you follow any particular youtube phenomena such as an abridged series or smosh or epic rap battles of history or whatever.

I am pleased there are now more Podcasts. I listen to these while at work (weekends) and it helps make time go by faster. Now lets see if it's any good. ;D

I really liked this episode. Looking forward to the next one!

Though, please lose the singing. It hurts.

Plus, who can compete with the awesome vocals on Feed Dump?

I thought I recognized you guys,

I've lived in Eugene my whole life.

It's great that they final got their podcast here :) I been listening to it a while, well deserved!.

I love listening to podcasts while I'm pvping so the length is great. :)

Great show, guys! I loved to hear your origin story and to know more about you guys. Bring Lisa Foiles and Bob and as many cool games/movies/internet/tv people you can, since your easygoing attitude towards podcasting makes for a really enjoyable show, and I would love to hear other interesting people debating you.

I chose to hear you first before Bombcast, and I do not regret it.

Best of luck and success!

Sorry I'm a bit late, but I've been saving my podcasts for when the GF is playing Skyrim.
I liked the episode, will have to go back to hear your others now that I know who your guests have been. Looking forward to the next one!
Would like to have some picture in stead of the error message, but I'm sure that's coming.

It's funny. I you to listen to your pod cast but got so busy and stopped listening. I honestly didn't even realize it was the same people.


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