Trailers: Killing Floor: Twisted Christmas - Trailer

Killing Floor: Twisted Christmas - Trailer

Zombie elves? Further proof that there is indeed a Santa.

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God that Patriarch Santa is such an asshole.
Good game! Good sale! Should buy!

What's that...An


as well?

And it's free to play all weekend! =D

Gingerfast is awesome:
"Cholesterol won't kill you ...I will!"

Merry christmas to you too, Tripwire.

I unlocked the baddest santa skin last year, but I might give this a go for the new weapons ... and to see the Tali-esque Christmas stalker again

Awesome update. I'm loving the new weapons, particularly the Husk Cannon. You can one-shot enemy Husks and stun Skrakes with it on lower difficulties.


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