GinxTV: Ginx Spin: Saints Row the Third

Ginx Spin: Saints Row the Third

Episode 1: The top 20 outrageous things to do in Saints Row the Third.

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Yay, some nicely coherent content.

Finally something decent from Ginx!
Nice and coherent - finally didn't feel like I was watching a promo for another show, or completely missing something.

So perhaps they do have some good stuff up their sleeves.
I think maybe their problem is that they need to figure out what works and doesn't for a 5min-ish video on a website whose audience isn't necessarily familiar with their channel.

I like how the first two comments express my exact view of this video: finally not terrible.

I like how the first two comments express my exact view of this video: finally not terrible.


But yeah, beaten to the punch.

Not a bad video, GINX.
Although, I have to add this to the number 21 slot... Shark-o-matic with zombies.

Not bad, the narrator was charming instead of cloying, unlike the blond anchor from the previous vid.

However I'm still withholding judgment because, well, it's Saints Row the Third. You can pretty much put any soundtrack to any of the dozens of hours of stupid things you can do in the game and it will be entertaining because that game is entertaining.

The real trick is taking a game not intended to be taken primarily for comedic effect and making it funny. It remains to be seen if the Ginx people can do that.

It's not bad, but not great, and it really hurts that Achievement Hunter just started it's far more hilarious "Things to Do" series starring Saints Row the Third. Then again, one can't expect you to know all the internet, and it's decent enough that I'd be willing to come back next week to see if you can take it in a new direction.


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