Trailers: Alan Wake's American Nightmare - Announcement Trailer

Alan Wake's American Nightmare - Announcement Trailer

For Mr. Scratch's sake I hope there's a Mrs. Scratch.

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I thought Mr. Scratch was

I mean I knew he wasn't a good guy (just look at that ugly mug), but still.


Zane, you liar! You said not to worry about him! LIAR!! Oh, so many questions. Need this game now.

Remedy, for every day this game isn't on my Xbox's Hard Drive, ready to play, I will increase the temperature of the earth by one million degrees! My gaming entitlement has spoken! It has spoken ironically but it has spoken!!

More guns! nice~ here we are again... going down the path of bio hazard 4... let this become more a shooter, than a horror...

The 'more guns' thing actually makes sense, from a story perspective. Alan in the first one was thrown into a war with the Darkness, with no idea of what was going on and forced to fight with whatever he could find. This time, it looks like he's gone to war with the Taken. Why would he stay limited to puny revolvers or shotguns?


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