Trailers: Metal Gear Solid: Rising - Revengeance

Metal Gear Solid: Rising - Revengeance

Cyborg samurai sound quite awesome.

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I have to say... it looks like Metal Gear running on the Bayonetta engine. I can work with that.

OMG that was awsome cant wait to play it. his story and abilities are far more interesting than old Snake's

Can you get more anime? It's like a Metal Gear / Samurai 7 meld.

Don't get me wrong, that's freakin' awesome. Just kind of hilarious.

I have to say... it looks like Metal Gear running on the Bayonetta engine. I can work with that.

Platinum, so same folks that made Bayonetta, seems likely is the case.

Ok, it looks positively awesome, but... "Revengeance"? Seriously?

all seems abit over the top i mean picking up ray is surely going abit to for a MGS game considering what happened when grey fox tried it.

Also the weapon seems to have the trouble all hack and slash games have it just acts like a stick until youve knocked down the health enough or its a cut scene at whichh point it becomes the cutting tool of the gods

The cheese factor just went through the roof.
Kojima's gone down the rabbit hole with a megadeth album and a copy of 7 samurai it seems.

So, so, so Stoopid.

Sign me up.

This looks very silly...

This looks very silly...

Well, yeah, of course! This -is- a Metal Gear game, after all. A series made famous for, among other things, a psychic masked man who messes with the fourth wall, a depraved bisexual spanish vampire, a guy who fights by being covered and spitting bees, and everything that is Liquid Ocelot.

If this game WASN'T silly, then that would be a reason to question it.

So chronologically where does this game take place?
I know it was originally supposed to be called MGS5, but since 3 takes place first....5 could take place anywhere.

...So, lets hear it for stealth gameplay in the metal gear series!

It seem this would ride the coat tail of the original metalgear , seem it wont have the same feel...need more solid snake


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