Trailers: Sniper Elite V2 - Trailer

Sniper Elite V2 - Trailer

If covert Nazi killing is your thing then this game is for you.

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I was pretty hooked on the video until the skull shot.

Before that, awesome. After that, "lolwut."

Stealth and sniping, and we get to kill nahzee's. I'm all over this.

I loved the original. I just hope that they keep the sniping as insane as it was last time, having to deal with wind, drop, friction and all that jazz.

End of that trailer says PC DVD yet PC isn't listed on the video description. Stop messing with me!

Also, hopefully they keep the large amount of realism in the game. I would hate to play an over glorified CoD.

really agen sniping nazis !!!
why can't we be nazis sniping jews ?

I am excited for this game!


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