Miracle of Sound: Sovngarde Song (Skyrim)

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I see what you did there.
The whole song about the voice. Not about dragons, who cares about them!?! It's the Thu'um - that's the main thing in the game. And you showed it great. With the lyrics, your own voice and the singing. Especially at the beginning of the song. Great job, great job indeed.
Also, 2 times felt chill's goin' down my spine. And that's awesome on more than one level.

Another Skyrim thread?

I remember when Miracle of Sound was one of us. Just another forum member who made some CoD videos. Now he's just a SELL OUT with a bigger link than Zero Punctuation has on the main page. What ever happened to that humble gamer we all knew and loved? Now he's clearly in Bethesdas pocket, after just returning from Biowares purse.



It's tough making a BS post like this... Thanks for the inspiration in that other thread MoS ; )

OT: Great song. The video work for this one was grade A as well. Keep up the good work guys! Sure I didn't like the 'rock out' part as much as the melodic beginning, but it still was epic and enjoyable.


Now that I've actually listened to the song...

I liked it...

+1 for the Tank Ninja

I was, JUST today actually, wondering when gavin was going to make a song for skyrim. :D I am pleased.

Beautiful song, just beautiful. It felt very much like an epic story.

Wonderful as always, Miracle! I song going right to my iPod.

This was incredible! I'll definitely be buying the next cd as well.

'watches video'

Holy Fucking Shit. Am I crying? I'm fucking crying. Holy Shut, I'm crying.
And I have goosebumps.

You've brought me to fucking tears with this song. It's so beautiful. It's so...I need a tissue. Now. 'stumbles away looking for a tissue'

If there was ever a reason to go couch diving for money to buy Skyrim, this would be it, just to have my adventures with this playing constantly in the background.

I wish I could hug you right now. Even if you would find it creepy, it would make me feel better. I need a hug.


I don't know how you can constantly make good songs. Most artists can't even do that. You're amazing.

This needs to be a song the bards sing in Skyrim

I've given up trying to decide which one of your songs is my favorite now Gav. All I know is if you went on tour I'd sell my testicles to a Krogan to get the money to come see you if I had too. Keep it up! :D

It could have easily worked as just this folkish piece that it is for the first two minutes... and yet it's so much more. One of your best, sir.

And I haven't even played Skyrim, but now I kind of want to.

Hah! And you were worried :P

OT: I think this has just made it to the top of list of Favourite Miracle of Sound songs, and i don't even play Skyrim. Was still looking forward to this though because i imagine working with material you feel a connection to would make the result all the better :)

Now i'll watch Zero Punctuation and then this song's gonna be stuck on loop for quite some time >_>

That was brilliant!

I really loved the lute(?) in the beginning and everything after that was just amazing. I almost got up and did a jig, but I'm at work so that stopped me.

Now it's one of my favorites.

Easily your best song ever!

Miracle, you have perfected the art of epic.

Are you still only using your own voice btw? I can clearly hear all kinds of voices in there + girl humming.

kinky dear boy!
Only picked Skyrim up yesterday (I was skint... too many games in one month!) and already have 20 hours under me belt (I know another 150+ to go)

The only reason I'm adding more than "fucking spectacular" is because I hear there's some sort of law about low content posts or something. I hope this passes it.

You da man.

Awesome song, it reminds me a lot of the stuff Falconer and Van Canto do. Keep it up. =D

I think the songs are good, but what impresses me more is the variety of styles you've demonstrated recently. I can't think of any other artist that attempts (and usually succeeds at) so many different styles.

Hmm. I like all the songs so far, including this one...

Yet even though I like it, somehow this feels really off. I've never had cause to find fault with any of your other work...

This somehow just... The tone of your voice doesn't seem to mesh well with the song. I think it would be a great song... If someone else was singing it.
Difficult to explain precisely what I mean by this though...
I can't quite put my finger on why it feels off.

I suppose it's something like trying to sing something which feels like a melodic folk song while using a vocal style from a rock or heavy metal song...

Yeah... anyway... It's still a great song overall though.

Wow. Just... wow. Epic song and amazing work on the instruments.

That was suitably epic. The beginning and end felt like a singing chorus from a fantasy setting and fit perfectly, and then when the pace changed in the middle...
It was just amazing. The lyrics flowed nicely, the layering effects were nice, and the instrumentals were superb. That being said, the video didn't seem as good as Black Gold or Comin' for your tank.
Great job Gav. I look forward to next week not for the next song (though I still do) but for this to go live for purchase.

I think I liked this song more than a lot of your others, the game's inspired intro and then a move to the old fantasy metal (or whatever the genre may be), but not that "rough" (unlike most of your stuff which is very close to speed metal etc. which I don't normally listen to).
The lyrics were not bad either, I see you really got into it, not only by lyrics but also by your comments on the forums.

This is all looked as an individual song, but on the other hand, 90% of the time you basically make the same metal song, wrapped in a game apropriate different genre. The multiplied voice recordings, the rythm changes, the rhyme is basically always present and always a-b-a-b, so is the song structure...and how freaking often do you make a chorus out of one line that repeats twice?
Basically I think I only like this song over other you've made because the style suits me and I've played the game and loving it.
And in some articles, you mentioned some of those points really don't concern you and you like it that way...which is fine I guess, to each their own, I just think progress and experimenting improves a musician.

But, but, but... But I hate Skyrim! But I love this! How could this be? What do I do? Oh, man. So confused.

Ok, don't get me wrong, Gavin, I love your "classic rock" songs. But I think that it's when you try new genres that your talent truly shines. That's why this song is one of your best one (right there with Little Sister and New Black Gold).

This song reminds me a bit of Rhapsody of Fire, in a very good way.
Great song again, love it.

Obligatory WTFAWESOMEDOOD comment.

Seriously dude. What the fuck? That was awesome.

wow gav, just wow.
man, how do you do this every fortnight?

Well, that was just awesome. Love the "And my voice is my violence" line.

Also was some of the new equipment used to make this?

Like the changes in tempo, keeps things interesting.

EDIT: Just to show you how awesome this is, it made me forget about Feed Dump.

On a scale of brilliant to brilliant this is somewhere in the OHMYGOD AAAH

This is definitely your best song yet, I've had it on repeat since I heard it first. :D

I must agree with the rest of the commenters, this was your best work yet man. Up there with Commander Shep and Wasteland Soul as my favourites. In fact I'm going to go back and listen to them all again about 10 times each right now, brb.

I wake up and you've put out both a new song and some commentary about ME3. Is this heaven?

Awaiting the release on bandcamp patiently.

Come on...

COME ON!!!!!!!

I am making 25th december the official gavin dunne day, everyone's invited to listen to his song while having pizza, booze and some bad ass bf3 lan party, you are all invited.

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