GinxTV: Premiere League Playthrough - EPL Predictions

Premiere League Playthrough - EPL Predictions

The Ginx TV crew use FIFA 12 to predict this weekend's English Premiere League football results.

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As an American and dispiser of all things "Fut-ball". I actually kinda enjoyed this. Goes to show a well done production with an entertaining host can make paint drying watchable.

I liked this. While I couldnt care less about Fifa12, the host and the commentary were awesome.

I guess there will be no goals, None at all.By the way as someone with interest in football(ITS CALLED FOOTBALL) this was rather awesome.

This is hilarious! I hope we see more of this

They keep mispronouncing "kudos". It's really disturbing.

I dunno about this one. I have no interest in soccer, and still don't, but I suspect this episode would be funnier to me if I did give a s&&& about the outside world.

loved this one. it was rather funny

i will not make fun of premier league football...
i will not make fun of premier league football...
i will not make fun of premier league football...

ok now that i got that out of my system, this was really well done and i liked it.

Kudos on a good show! And I have to admit I'd never expected to see footy on this Septic's site, very amusing in it self.

3-1 Rangers...that's funny...this needs to be emailed to Sir Alex stat...

I think we're still at 1 out of 3 as far as entertaining shows from Ginx. As an American who physically cannot be made to give a fuck about soccer (you get the name football when you become remotely entertaining to watch on a screen, poor boring European sport that's actually fun to play) no amount of half-hearted color commentary could make it worth watching the computer play itself.

Look, you don't start with the "soccer" is "boring" and we won't start with "handegg is for people whose attention span is less than five minutes".

Call your attention deficit disorder version of rugby-with-pads whatever you like, but to the entire rest of the world a sport you play it with a ball and are only allowed to handle with your foot is FOOTBALL.

Go gunners fuck man shitty, hoping for the same result this weekend

Someone is a fan of Alan Partridge, "cover me in butter I'm going for a swim" I can imagine Partridge saying that haha. It was a bit like Partridge combined with the ramblings of Stephen Merchant.

I liked it very much, good job.

Oh and for the 'competition' - Utd 2 OPR1. City 3 Arnsl 0

And Swansea beating newcastle!! thats not on!

QPR 0 - 3 Man United.

Man City v Arsenal match postponed indefinitely since someone in the Premier League HQ sent a paper the wrong way and somehow relegated both teams down to League Two.


And Swansea beating newcastle!! thats not on!

You wait! Our Welsh might will see us through and make up for the umpty-hour journey it takes to get from Swansea to Newcastle.

I have to admit, I've never wanted you to be more right. Arsenal and Swansea winning against the odd matches? Score! I also hope that just one goal takes place in the same manner as one of the ones here, just for the freak value :D

OH GOD FINALLY!! An interesting new premise that isnt completely nerdy.

But I digress.........ahem, the hell? QPR getting 3 past united? As shit as their defence has been this season, I cant see this result playing out at all.

2-0 man u

Arsenal have only one real weapon in Van Persie, but cities attacking line up is terrifying at times, even the bench has got world class talent perched on it. Arsenals defence can be leaky against an attack with pace, but so can Manchesters.

Im gonna go out on a limb here and say 2-0 to Citeh

The commentary was great since I have heard similar things from actual soccer announcers during a game.

3-1 against Man U? you sure someone hasn't been messing with the game settings to alter the team difficulty? As frustrating it is to be a fan and watch the defense on Manchester United, even they wouldn't let that much through.

Brilliant, will watch again.


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