55: John Romero: The Escapist Interview

"Romero. Perhaps it's something about the name itself that brings to mind great things. Some combination of etymological triggers, perhaps; a heady mental mixture that's part romance, part Camaro - sex in a Z28." Russ Pitts speaks with legendary game designer John Romero.

John Romero: The Escapist Interview

Russ, on top of a great article, I do believe you've invented a fun new web game: The Etymological Last Name Trigger game.

Romero is 1 part romance, 1 part Camaro: Sex in a Z28.
Macris is 1 part Macintosh, 1 part Toyota Yaris: Oodles of processing power in a fuel-efficient hunchback.

Pitts? 1 part pi, 1 part ... jubblies? So you get the circumference of Russ by multiplying the radius of jubblies by 3.14? That's not right.

The interview was shallow, with very little new information. But the worst is that your web pages look like crap in Firefox (with the setting: minimum font size <> none), the pages don't scale down to non-maximized windows (horizontal scroll bar), larger fonts overflow the bottom navigation menu. Not to mention the too small font used. Dude, this isn't a print magazine, this is a web page.

BTW: This is the only reason I made the effort to register on your site. I probably won't be coming back.

Thanks for that stunning contribution. No, really.

But, for the sake of those people who may suffer our "shallow" interviews in the future, I'll point out that the nav bar in the lower-right-hand corner (you know, right above the horizontal scroll bar you noticed) of the articles has a "text" link, which loads into a more web-friendly layout for people who prefer that. In this article's case, it's here:


And on another note, if this is all you contribute to discussion in general, I don't want you coming back.

Thanks for reading!

But tell us what you really think, Peter ... and is "Reaper" your real name? What's the average flight velocity of a sparrow? Wait, wait ... *sigh* so much to talk about. It's a shame he's gone.

Don't fear the Reaper, baby. (I could get more immature about somebody giving themselves a name with the words "peter" and "reaper" sitting next to each other. But I won't.)

...Because I'm pretty new to The Escapist and I absolutely heart you guys! I'm less informed than our peter reaping friend about Mr. Romero's doings, but, even if I'd read up on Romero elsewhere, I guarantee it wouldn't have been put together with such great writing.

For those that care to keep up with his activies, Mr. Romero maintains a blog at http://rome.ro

I just started reading the escapist an issue or two ago and I'm loving it!

Peter, Peter, pumpkin reaper.

Edit: And Google reveals that the only reason Peter Reaper registers on ANY site is to shill for Firefox. So his rage is predictable and it's probably just as well that he never ever return.

I can't believe Anachronox got bad reviews - it was a great funny RPG; ok, it had bugs, but what didn't back then?


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