Blogjam of the Week: Guess Your Wii

Blogjam of the Week: Guess Your Wii

This story fits just as easily under the "Hype Makes Right" banner, but since we don't have one of those, we're running it here.

Nintendo actually started this one themselves, so it's hard to find too much fault (especially since I joined in the fun myself), but that's what we do. If we can't poke fun at ourselves, who can, really?

(Click the link above for the whole story.)

Ubisoft UK may have pulled the rug out from under all of us. According to ProG, Ubi announced today in a PR email that Red Steel, the Yakuza-themed Wii launch title, will be releasing in November. Now if Red Steel is a launch title, then it would release at launch, right? Meaning the Wii is coming in November.

Yeah, but maybe Red Steel is "Launch Window" game, right? You know, like how half of the 360's launch titles didn't actually come out at launch but MS still called them launch titles because they shipped within that three month "window." Because that's just how they roll. So the Ubi announcement proves NOTHING!

That's a tough call.

On top of the info already presented, Nintendo has previously made a statement saying they are trying to stray away from holding onto product for the sake of a holiday release. On the other hand, both the GCN and DS saw November release dates.

I'd say your October prediction is still a safe one if I had to guess...?


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