Media Sandwich: Media Sandwich Episode 2

Media Sandwich Episode 2

The Media Sandwich crew takes on Skyward Sword among other things.

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I feel very honoured to have been discussed on your podcast. Keep up the good stuff, guys. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

More of these guys?!

Le sigh...

More of these guys?!

Le sigh...

Is that a problem?

It's good to have a lighthearted Podcast that's just fun to listen to, especially before work while demolishing a sandwich. It's only a matter of time before Chris befriends everyone on the Escapist, guests were interesting enough to listen to.

Regarding the discussion on raising money for Charity, I think Gamer's use Child's play as the default Charity because it's probably easier to relate to. I totally agree that Gamers have to broaden their scope regarding the selection of Charities, maybe something personal to the individual. Anyway it was a good Podcast, I hope your listener base grows and that Chris feels better for Christmas.

Note: I would absolutely read a medieval-western graphic novel. Like, seriously. Fucking crusaders in the wild west? Yes please.

Great podcast. You guys really have potential for wasting much more of my time..


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