Even More Skyrim Mods

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Today dec 24th skyrim is on sale on steam: $40 till noon tomorrow.

Since the front page didn't mention it I thought the escapist readers deserved to know.

Personally I'm just gonna stay away from Skyrim mods until the creation kit is released. Don't trust any of the actual mods to be all that stable, which pretty much leaves .ini tweaks and a growing pile of texture mods. The enhanced blue galaxy looks nice but HD texture mods just strike me as pointless. Seriously, who needs 2048x2048 textures for eyes? (You better believe it.)

When the creation kit is finally released, though, it'd be pretty sweet if someone were to silence some of the skill/apparel/whatever comments from the NPCs so that they can shut up about the Thieves Guild armour and stop pointing out that I have Azura's Star. I feel as though I'm wearing the thing around my neck, or as a belt buckle, or as a decorative emblem on the invisible backpack I keep all my gear in.

'Course, it's obvious that such a mod will appear sooner or later. In between all the levels of crazy that's likely to come crawling over from Oblivion's modding scene. Looking through the TESNexus' "hot files" list nowadays just makes me want to slap someone.

skyrim mod? why not zoidberg


I have a decent gaming computer (2ghz Dual Core duo CPU, nVidia Gforce 285 and 4 gigs of RAM)

Wait, what? Do you mean a Core 2 Duo? If so, I'm impressed with the results you're getting out of it, considering those chips are a few years old now.

And for the record, the numeral 2 in the the name of the chip isn't there to signify it's a Dual core (the Duo does that), it means it's the second iteration of that chip architecture. That's why mine is a Core 2 Quad.

I'm still blown away by how well Skyrim works on older hardware. the same machine that I have now (My C2Q, 4GB, Radeon 4890), is smashing through Skyrim on Ultra, and yet the Witcher 2, even on medium, dropped frames so much that it looked like stop-motion. I spent most of my time in that game looking for Grommit.

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