LoadingReadyRun: Ways to Ring in the New Year

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I started laughing at the "celebrate with enemies" part :D awesome video

came here after watching some old LRR on YouTube xD now I'm ready for 2012

Wait, so Kate's new years resolution is to help Kathleen fulfill her new years resolutions?

New Years Resolutions- Eat more Salad, Read Ulysses, Exercise more
Relive the Past Year- It was like Paul's Entire Life Flashed Before my Eyes!
Celebrate with Enemies- I expected them to shoot each other at Midnight!

I really think "relive the year" should've had short bits of sound ala Crapshots Episode 100: The Dose. Still great. That's the third rapid recap in LRR history, I believe.

Didn't you guys auction off that big creepydoll during DB? What happened?

Oooh! I can answer that one! The winner said he'd have the small creepydoll puppet, but he wanted them to keep Harry (the big one) until they stopped making videos, and only send it once they're done.

Edit: Aaand I just double-posted... my bad...

It is just me or is Matt not credited on this one?

For a second there I thought you guys had forgotten the Sam Raimi.

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