Steve's Five Favorites of 2011

Steve's Five Favorites of 2011

Maybe not the best or most important games of the year, but these are the ones I loved the most.

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Nice list!
I never thought Alice would get a mention on any of the lists.
It was in the top two for me this year.

I loved that the video was up top this time, saved me some spoilers... but then that damn GAME INFORMATION box had to talk about Skyrim >.<
Good list, I like these personal touches you all bring to them. And I really like to hear the different viewpoints argue for Skyrim as their favourite. Did you talk it out before-hand to make sure you were all very different or did it just happen that way? If the latter, then it's a true testament to the game.
Also, I agree with you that epic is overused. Not one of Epic games' games are epic...

Old republic is out already?

Have I been living under a rock? >_>

Always, always, eat the baby. Then save it, in an alternate universe second playthrough. Jonathan Swift and Neil Gaiman have both told me the merits of baby flesh over that of animal. And who's to argue with that, eh?

Good to see Shogun 2 getting some love there.
I'm a huge Total War fan myself. I wonder if there is an Escapist Multiplayer clan for Shogun2.

Good to see Shogun 2 getting some love there.

Yep, good game... although to be honest I much prefer Paradox Interactive's Sengoku for it's deeper diplomacy and clan mechanics (and because Sengoku doesn't pull massive army stacks out of it's arse). This is the first time a Total War title's real time battles didn't engage me enough to make up for any shortfalls with the gameplay.


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