Zero Punctuation: Serious Sam 3: BFE

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Serious Sam 3: BFE

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Serious Sam 3: BFE.

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Little slow to post this to the pages eh :P Good thing I found it in the Latest Content.

Mighty Ball Smack eh? That's one way to do it.

Yep, you've got that right, I bought the game and no one else of my friends even bothered to try it... I still loved it, though!

Ah, too bad he didn't "really" like it; but he didn't hate it either (oh my gosh). I still can't play this game yet because my PC is so very very crap. This makes me sad since I've beaten Serious Sam TFE and Serious Sam TSE many times.

[sorry, repost error]

Serious Sam gives the phrase "ruin their shit" a whole new meaning

Little slow to post this to the pages eh :P Good thing I found it in the Latest Content.

Mighty Ball Smack eh? That's one way to do it.

BFE stands for Bollucks: the Face Emancipators.

"When he instant kill the gaint spider enemy, it look for all the world he's knocking their skullplate off with a single swing of his might ballsack"

That need to be put on a T-shirt (well a shorten version) now!!

Im disapointed that YZ didnt make top 5


Also learned to keep away from hens. It's not pretty when they blow.

Great review for a great game. So glad to hear the gray guys get phased out a bit because when I was playing it I couldn't help think they were out of place a bit. I've just had to assume that the crappy "running through buildings with people like enemies" section is supposed to be some sort of reference to modern shooters, but its more frustrating then anything and almost made me give up at one point. Then I got to the open section with unlimited rockets and a massive spacecraft beaming down waves of enemies and I gleefully remembered why I liked the 1st game.

I was hoping for a reveiw or recap of the year/ most anticpated things to hate in 2012 but this will do nicely.

I MUST KNOW THE RECIPIENT OF "The Copulating Jelly Baby Award for F***ing Sweet Game" AWARD!!!

Meh, was really hoping for Dark Souls. Maybe next week.

I suspect this is one of his "stash" reviews (ones he partially finishes and sets aside to be pulled out at a moment's notice). I figure we'll get a Year In Review video once the effects of too much champagne and cookie-dough buckets are cleared out.
I quite enjoyed this one, though

Did 2011 Shooter season bully itself into 2012?
Any way, I was curious about this one.
Now I know it exists.
So... there is that.

Double post
*new site is giving me some trouble

Luckily, I got Serious Sam TFE and TSE HD editions 75% off back in May 2011. They were also put 90% off on Steam's holiday sale while BFE was 50% off for being "new" and not as crowded as Skyrim or Modern Warfare 3.

I'm not sure who chooses the sales, since Duke Nukem (will) Forever (be known as a letdown) got lots of sales. If it's Croteam who made the sales, then that sure is nice. If Valve's Steam team decided the discounts, then it might be about the Metascore or something.

*Black ops a prequel to serious sam*


I was kind of hoping for another Top and Bottom 5 of 2011 - I even scribbled down a list guessing his selections.

I was really looking forward for Yahtzee to do a Zero Punctuation on our game. I was also terrified it will make me cry.

I didn't cry, so I guess that went rather well :)

What a good video to start(so to speak) 2012 with.

Got a few chuckles off and I'm glad Serious Sam didn't go mainstream and remained a good old school shooter from back in the day,as it would seem like it.

Haven't said it in the last video comment,but Happy New Year Yahtzee!

I MUST KNOW THE RECIPIENT OF "The Copulating Jelly Baby Award for F***ing Sweet Game" AWARD!!!

If I may play at being Johnny Carson, I'm guessing that The Bastion is going to get Yahtzee's nonexistent top game of the year reward.

Although Portal 2 is another candidate, because all of Yahtzee's complaints could be summed up as "Not as good as Portal 1." And in terms of praising-with-nitpicking, that's a pretty solid recommendation.

Meh, was really hoping for Dark Souls. Maybe next week.

Ive seen people say this in a couple of places...did I just imagine Dark Souls coming out months ago and already being reviewed? Its on my games shelf, so maybe a copy fell back through time...

Meh, was really hoping for Dark Souls. Maybe next week.



OT: I am dissapointed that it didn't meet yahtzees standards, i was waiting for this review to decide if i was going to get it or not. Guess i'll pass up on this game then.




But why? He already did it!

EDIT: On closer inspection, no he hasnt...what the hell is going on in my brain at the moment?! Maybe Im just thinking of Demons Souls...

It's true, all the new parts are cumbersome and feel out of place, and all the good parts are just copy pasted from the old games.
They really didn't put much thought behind this, which sounds strange for a brainless fun game but before it becomes that there needs to be damn well designed.

What a coincidence! I just got done playing a Serious Sam game for the first time and this review pops up. Neat!

Meh. I have no love or nostalgia for "classic" or "retro" style FPS games. In my view there is a reason things aren't done that way anymore. But to those that enjoy this kind of game I hope this one lives up to your expectations. And I'm all for choice in the marketplace, so I'm glad SS3 is out there, even if it's not there for me.

Lovely game..

As in yes it is hard as nails old fashioned.. yeah it is not making excuses
Remember Duke Nukem Forever? Well if that was closer to BFE at least we had an enjoyable experience.

Nah I like this game, it is what it is.. there!

I hope he doesn't decided to put his "Top 5 Games of 2011" or whatever thingie on Extra Punctuation, like he did with the E3 Hype Massacre last year.

I guess it's okay because I haven't laughed this much at a review in a while. I'm not sure why, but the orbiting missile shooting armchair is what got me.

I lost it at prequel. I thought I was the only one who thought that.

This game goes further than providing nostalgic pleasure.
I never played a Serious Sam game before,and this one reminded me why I started playing videogames and liking the genre of FPS.
It was like a flashback,but a good one.
And I don't know about you,but I like the way the game gets harder as you progress unlike most modern shooters where you can die or kill the same easy way on map 1 and map 8.
It reminded to me that I was playing a game that was made focusing on making me have fun,not that I was watching a directed movie where I have to press buttons to keep it playing..
The mechanics that consist of its gameplay,where you have to develop different tactics for different enemies kept me interested unlike for example BF3's campaign where no matter what the enemies carry, and on which level you are,you always have to do the same thing,cover,aim,shoot.
To progress it requires you to change the way you approach each situation and that keeps feeding your brain with the feeling of freshness,and I didn't felt it became dull or boring like I felt when I had completed about 5 missions in BF3.
If someone is interested more on a single player,I think he would have better experience with ss3 than bf3,but bf3 is all about multiplayer anyway.

This actually sounds pretty close to a positive review from Yahtzee. I think 2012 may just bring upon the Apocalypse.

While Yahtzee may have found this game to be between ok to good. I know it is so much better then Jurassic Park : The Hard raid want a be..... I mean Jurassic Park : The game.

While I really do not mind it just being a remake of Serious Sam 1 with a new engine and graphics. I still like the old fashine kill spree games. So sick of all the Battlefield style of games. I so want them to go back to Doom Style. While war games here and there a nice. I think they are best published few here and there.

It is no fun sitting around letting me arm regrow while I suck on my thumb. I just want to run around shooting things with a BIG FUCK GUN. If I need help. Run as super sonic speeds to the nearest health pack.

I blame Multiplayer for killing the FPS gaming.

Meh, was really hoping for Dark Souls. Maybe next week.

Why? He would hate it you know. He hated the first one.

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