GinxTV: HiZtory: Streets of Rage

HiZtory: Streets of Rage

The true history of side-scrolling brawler Streets of Rage.

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This was... actually really bad.
I understand that it's not meant to be serious and it's supposed to be a comedy skit, but it didn't have that many punchlines and the whole thing reeked of "Brainiac Science Abuse" but without the factual elements, nor the funny. The punchline was essentially "lol, Golden Axe had people in loin cloths".

Even from the comical angle meant for this video, there's a lot broader of a scope to it. 3/10, work on either the humour or factual elements of this video or it's a disaster.

I found this to be boring. It seemed like it was going to be good, and as it played I was really rooting for it, but after so many made-up facts that were so unfunny, I decided that I just lost a piece of my soul.

I didn't think it was that bad.

Although you could probably stand to cut the intro down and cut at least one of the "with a zed"'s

get rid of the intro and outro please.

This could be so funny. Go and re-watch Brass eye because you have the style down but not of the content. The jokes are too "random" to be funny. The whole "He walked so fast that 8 people needed to have reconstructive a space shuttle...piloted by dolphins in Leeds" style can really work if you know how to use it.
Really if you check out Brass eye or Charlie Brooker's stuff you will get a good feel for how to construct these things. It would also be cool to mingle actual facts in with the nonsense. Your audience is watching because they like video game history, so give us some and then skew it. I think this is a great idea for a show and I'd hate to see not continue.

These just get more and more bizarre.
Keep 'em coming!


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