Trailers: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 - Announcement Trailer

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 - Announcement Trailer

Who hasn't wanted to be Tiger Woods at some point?

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Really? Do we need yet another golf game that's exactly the same as the previous except for a few minor additions.

Also Tiger Woods? lol.

It's incredibly surprising to see that the first comment is about "boohoo sports rehash herp derp".

I didn't buy last years Tiger, so maybe I'll get this seasons.

I know it's just an "announcement trailer" but this looks a lot like TWPGAT 12 that I already have. Unless there's some dramatically different gameplay elements, I'll just stick with the one I have now.

I know people say that EA sports games are the biggest rip-off in the industry, but in the case of golf I think it's true. Golf games can literally just be DLC with what changes from year to year. Update some guys stats, maybe add a new course, and charge $10-$20 instead of $60.

I like golf, and I like golfing games, but I guess the main point I wanna make about it is there's nothing here to really excite me. Nothing really grabbed my attention about the game. Hopefully it will with more updates and more info coming out, but right now it looks like I'm gonna be passing on this one.


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