Trailers: Binary Domain - "Bigger Than You Think" Trailer

Binary Domain - "Bigger Than You Think" Trailer

The future is not a pretty one ... if you're human.

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Hooray, another cover based shooter.

I got 10 bucks on one of the team turning out to be a robot.

It looks like its either going to be fantastic or awful.

The concept intrigues me, I'm looking forward to this.

I want this game to be good..but I've been hurt before :/

Not gonna lie, that... actually looked kind of interesting.

It loses major points for all the special forces soldier guys running around and I'm not exactly thrilled to my very core at the prospect of more third person cover-based shooting but maybe they can produce something decent.

The concept is something I'm interested in but whether the execution is done well, we'll have to wait. A nice trailer too, I got chills.

68 years, eh? Sure why not. (Better than GITS, it's set 18 years in the future)

It reminds me of Snatcher. That was a good game.

Visuals and gameplay look pretty damn old, they have a good setup for one cool story but I have the sneaking suspicion this trailer is actually all the depth they can come up with.

It looks like its either going to be fantastic or awful.

That's the part I couldn't figure out but you summed it up perfectly!

reminded me so much of the animations "ghost in the shell" and "appleseed". looks interesting. shame its not available for the pc.

iRobot gone mad? Cool! I'd like to see this!~

while still clinging to some space marine-esque cliches, after watching the "world changing assassin" cinematic...I think it looks good as far as the story and premise goes

like I actually sat there rather riveted by what was going on-screen. well, as much as I could without being a bit distracted by the slightly awkward Japanese-to-English translated dialogue lol

just gonna hope the gameplay holds up! Vanquish was a mad fun game even tho the story was pretty stupid, but hey it's our fault that the Japanese think the only American mains characters are only grizzled brown haired men...I mean there are blonds too! :P

Ooooh no. I still remember that first trailer. NO! NONONO! I had hoped this had just sort of died in a corner or something.


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