Suitable for Framing

Suitable for Framing

Half-Life 2 could someday share wall space with The Mona Lisa, if these art dealers have their way.

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I would love to frame Shadow of the Colossus on my wall. That game was a masterpiece.

That was really interesting, that's for writing this Mr Chalk. If I was still taking art as a subject this would be very useful to me but I'm not so I'll just file this under "things to look at when I have more money".

'We want to show games are art, so we're showing Killzone' is equivalent to 'We want to show books are art, so we are showing The Lusty Vampiress of Rock Hard Abs Valley'.

No offense to Killzone. Not specifically, anyway.

@ The Random One

I understand your comment, but would like to make the distinction that we're focusing on the art of Killzone and the art team, which will be different than Killzone the game (which is a fantastic piece of entertainment). I think you'll be pleasantly suprised about what we'll have on display in Feb. A piece of Killzone art was an Into the Pixel finalist last year for example, and also exhibited at a contemporay art fair to great interest.

Also, we'll try to have a couple of more, ehm accessible pieces in terms of price ;). We always try to keep prices as reasonable as possible but the materials used (the prints are guaranteed to last a lifetime) and scarcity can make the pieces quite expensive.


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