Jimquisition: Limited Collector's Complete Edition

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Limited Collector's Complete Edition

The heroic Jim Sterling is back once again to champion the rights of those too weak to champion themselves, and bask in the very palpable gratitude that he most assuredly deserves. This week, he describes how the game industry is tying a noose around its own neck while trying to blame everybody else for its problems. Sterling is pretty brilliant, really.

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I just wish they got the mindset of people who buy Collector's Editions. They give the extra money so they can have everything that's available for the game at launch. So all this retailer exclusive content is just a slap in the face.

Thank you Jim Sterling, this was indeed better than I was doing.

I burnt out on special edition DLC long before this episode aired, and most of what you mentioned was already the case. Wont stop me from buying the Digital Deluxe copy of Mass Effect 3 or games I actually give a damn about, but I'm seeing less and less point in marginally interesting games from untested developers.

Worst case scenario is they'll end up selling a complete pack of pre-order DLC somewhere down the line.

Thank you Jim!

Also, no art of anus' this week?

Still don't know how to close out a bit eh Jim? You can't use the 'Family Guy Flop' forever.

It is true as I find myself waiting for price reductions on a lot of games. In fact its pretty much only hype that makes me buy on release and more often than not I am disappointed and feel ripped off. My fear is that new or under performing Triple AAA get aggressively price cut and then they start competing price point with indie games. So what do I buy a mediocre AAA or that interesting indie game. Oh and I never buy Collectors unless its actually cheaper than standard release, I have done this a few times I picked up collectors edition of Enemy territory for less than the standard game that was also in the same shop *duh.

would appear that you dont have to actually type agree for the post to get posted.

Homefront: Special Edition

Now with extra mediocrity.

Good stuff Jim.

Jim does it again. Personally I was intending to get one of the collectors edition versions of Reckoning (the cheaper one) but I recently decided that was retarded, so I'll just get the normal one. And he's right about them making us wait. I'm waiting for the inevitable re-release of Assassin's Creed Revelations when it comes out, judging by the past 2 games. But that said, it doesn't look like any of the DLC included in it will be anything I'm interested in, so I might just end up getting the normal version for even cheaper.

But it isn't the worst thing that publishers are doing. I mean you can always look at it in the way that you pay more earlier after release because you get to spend more time enjoying the game than someone who waits. So it kind of makes sense.

Also, as just a random addition, when I bought Enslaved new myself it was pretty soon after release, but it was only like £15. I also bought it as a new sealed copy which was just lying in a cheapo bin. There were used versions of the game on the shelf which were priced higher! I was pretty chuffed with that. Good game.

And why the hell are they re-releasing Homefront? What for? Who the hell would buy it?

So what if a special edition or 'game of the year' edition of a game is released a good chunk of time after the game's initial launch, with all the DLC included? That's a great way to get new players interested. And no, you're not stupid for buying the game when it's first released; all that means is you wanted to play the game now instead of later. And to be honest, unless it's a game-changing piece of DLC, I don't really give a fuck if there's retailer-exclusives offered at launch. If it doesn't effect the game, why would you care?

Jim spouted a lot more DERP than he normally does this week.

I thank you Jim (does that help your ego?).

Anyway a good episode this week I thought, people know not to buy games brand new anymore, because 80% of the games out their will either be cum stuffed bullshit, or not to your personal liking.

Yep; I've pre-ordered all of Valve's games starting with Half-Life 2, and everything else I've bought has been after it's been on a massive sale.

L.A. Noire is probably the first single non-Valve game (as opposed to a pack) that I've ever bought for more than $10, and that's because it was only $12.50, and I was really interested in playing it. It's advertised as the "Complete Edition", so if they came out with DLC after I bought it and didn't give it for free, I'd be upset.

Thank you Jim. Thank god for you.

Still don't know how to close out a bit eh Jim? You can't use the 'Family Guy Flop' forever.

I bet I can use it more times than you can complain about it though.

I always wonder about special editions. Are people really paying the ext 20 or 30 or 50 or 100 dollars to get the little bit of extra content or do they want the cheap gimmick crap that comes in those packs.

I mean does any really care about "Art books"?

I always wonder about special editions. Are people really paying the ext 20 or 30 or 50 or 100 dollars to get the little bit of extra content or do they want the cheap gimmick crap that comes in those packs.

I mean does any really care about "Art books"?

Hm... the SWTOR collector's edition cost like 150 or so and the figures from it alone went up to 100 on ebay. However, this is Star Wars and not some game/series without a fanbase. It is M'fing Star Wars and there are many many people out there that are nuts about it.

The buying behaviour outlined by Jim basically fits my own. I'm buying most of my games when their price has been reduced by a lot. I'm a cheapskate and tbh in a market where there come out more games than even I (wuts a RL?) can play, I'll take the cheap solution.
Imo, release game prices are inflated anyways and they could make a lot more money by reducing release game prices from the start.

A Working Class Hero says "Thank God For Me."

Also, thank you for actually pointing out that Gamestop is being put in the position where used sales are the only way to make money. I've been the only one I'm aware of saying this for ages. While it doesn't make them nice guys, they're still not the second coming of Satan as they're so often made out to be.

And honestly, the reason I don't own Skyrim is I can get a GotY edition in six months or so. Though that won't affect Skyrim the way it will Enslaved.

Speaking of, Kingdom of Amalur is a game I want to like, but fear it will probably suck. I'm not opting into a special edition of any game like that.

Well said, Jim.

I remember buying a new copy of Arkham Asylum after hearing all the praise it garnered. A few months later the "Game of the Year Edition" was released, with all the DLC content included for the same price. I couldn't help but feel a bit miffed. I was faced with either buying the game again or shelling out a few extra bucks for the DLC I missed. In the end I decided to do neither, and I can't help but wonder if my negative reaction played a factor in that. Now I'm waiting for the GOTY Edition of Arkham City so I can prevent that situation from happening again.

Agree 100%. I'm very interested in Kingdoms of Amalur but no way I'm getting the collector's edition. Probably not even gonna get the game on launch. Few are the titles I pick on day one precisely because of the reasons you mentioned.

I just wonder; how can we get into a dialogue with those game publishers? It's quite obvious that they're shooting themselves in the foot, and we as gamers don't want that either, because if they ultimately loose then we will too.

So how could we talk with each other so that everyone can benefit?

Game of the Year editions have their purpose, and collectors editions of things we know and love already to bitsy bits have a purpose - other than that, you're right, it's become very confusing with all the "you get this if you buy here, but that if you buy there" things that have suddenly sprung up in that past few years.

Is it so much to ask to buy the whole game, at once, with everything at the same time, while it's still relevant?

Bundling DLC and expansion packs with a game a couple of years down the line to eke out some extra sales (e.g. Neverwinter Nights Platinum Edition) = A Good Thing.

Treating all your paying customers like effing mugs from the outset = A Bad Thing.

Simple. Incidentally, you'll notice Bethesda didn't bother with day-1 DLC with Skyrim. Could it be they've finally learned the horse armour lesson?

If people want to buy collector's editions with T-shirts and posters and figurines, more power to them, but the game content should be the same. Anything else is just insulting.

We don't thank you because we thank god for you, Jim.

Last year I only bought 3 games new; Dark Souls, Catherine, and Portal 2. Why? Because these were actually finished games when they were released.

Every other publisher releases buggy, unfinished products while dropping the DLC carrot in front of your face, thinking that their product is worth more than 60$. No, it's not. When the Sims 3 is launched with paltry content with thousands of dollars of day one DLC to buy, I know damn well I'm being abused. When an in-game NPC in Dragon Age Origins peddles me DLC, I want to burn your headquarters down.

I have never felt good with myself after buying an EA game or many other publisher games because I always feel like I've been screwed in some way. I want to buy a finished game, and I have since resolved to never purchase games that are diced up in content since. I don't buy a book and expect to buy the missing pages later down the line. I buy the complete book, and then I buy the complete sequel if you absolutely must make more money.

They have certainly lost a hell of a lot of money from me from their anti-consumer tactics. The next time EA wonders why they aren't getting CoD or Skyrim numbers, they can't look at the used market, they have to look at themselves.

This pretty much lines up with everything I already believe. EA found a way to alienate me from buying ME3 and Kingdoms of Amalur with their continued preorder DLC for different retailers, cross-game content demos, and now requiring fucking Origin to play them.

Totally agree about Enslaved. I bought it for $30 on Amazon, and thought it was a great game for the price, but I'm not sure I would have felt the same if I had spent a full $60. Now the game's basically become the best possible argument against the idea of $60 as a universal default for retail games. If Deadly Premonition can sell enough units at $20 to generate sequel buzz, then Enslaved could have done just fine at $30.

On the main point, I wonder why no developer has tried rolling the first-day-DLC-code idea into the season pass concept, and just include codes in new copies that would give early players access to future DLC. It would certainly make the $60 price tag a little easier to swallow.

I pretty much agree with you this week Jim, Though I WOULD like to see some numbers that prove that Gamestop can't make a profit if they don't sell used, because this factoid seems like it's been pulled straight out of a moist smelly hole in your backside.

Firsly i would just like to say;

You should NEVER feel guilty for buying used, it is your RIGHT as a consumer.

There are a whole host of problems with publishers doing this but the thing that pisses me off most is the splintering of content. I don't want to buy a game knowing that i am not getting the complete experience either due to day one DLC or planned DLC that is likely to have come out of dev time. I don't buy new games at release anymore, its just not economical or practical.

With all this random content Many Pirated games have MORE content than some colectors editions. Juat look at mass effcet 2. Trying to get every peice of the game was a nightmare. An expensive nightmare and due to pre-order bonuses actually impossible for some time.

If Paid DLC is comming soon and you know there will be a "Game of the Year" box with it all in in 6-12 months time, probably at a lower price point, why would you ever buy a new game?

This is why I've been buying games +1year on the curve. All the content, one third of the price. What fools buy games on release day anyway? ... ok, well, me. But only if I really really heart a franchise or dev team (e.g. Valve)

I just bought Assassins Creed 2 for the price of a decent paperback (remember books?)

And I agree with your other point. As I see it, the majority of the gaming world's problems, for all concerned, come down to the publishers having too much power over the developers, the stores and ultimately the customers. They're the middle-men, so why are they in control?

Part of me is glad the system is on the verge of collapse - then we have the chance to rebuild it in a better, more equitable model.

Same goes for the music industry. Fuck the middle-man.

I was just thinking about the same thing Jim decided to talk about when I saw 3 different Max Payne 3 pre-order bonuses. I don't know which one I want to pre-order. I feel completely alienated and turned off by this. I don't want one pre-order bonus over the other when I know that Rockstar will release the GOTY edition like they always do. And one of those bonuses is described as first payed DLC for free. Which means there will be at least one more later on. So fuck Max Payne 3, I'm not gonna pre-order it. I doubt I'll even buy the damn thing.

On the main point, I wonder why no developer has tried rolling the first-day-DLC-code idea into the season pass concept, and just include codes in new copies that would give early players access to future DLC. It would certainly make the $60 price tag a little easier to swallow.

That's a fairly good idea. An actual reason and reward to taking the risk and the wallet hit on day one. At least you know you could be getting a complete game even if they add more to it. I still dislike the idea of entering codes for console games, and I still hate the idea of most DLC in general, but it's better than the DLC situation right now.

Of course the publishers won't understand the value of that though.

Well Jim: Thank you very much then!

As usual, it has once again been proven that 90% of the game industry's problems can be traced back to publishers blundering about, making inanely terrible decision and generally knowing fuck-all about their customer base. It also rather irritates me that oftentimes people will blame the developers for those same problems, when most of the time it really isn't their fault. Blame where blame is due.

Luckily the whole store exclusive DLC thing doesn't exist where I live (or not that I know off, at least). Don't know why, probably has something to do with European trade laws. Here, you can usually buy or download it separately from the game on PSN/Xbox Live. Sometimes retail versions include a voucher for it.

We do have the collectors/complete edition thing going on, but they don't bother me since their contents seldom interest me and even then I usually don't find them worth the extra money.

Well at least with Elite I'm locked in for all of the DLC they do end up doing.

I could go off on how the "pro-corporate" attidue of today has led to almost no consideration for consumers and businesses that act like they shouldn't even be afraid of losing customers, and when they do, blame the cheaper alternative for existing. In their minds, They have become entitled to our business and our votes.

The issue itself dempends on the act in question. Bioware and Bethesda put out so much sizable DLC it makes sense to put out a disk version down the road for those without massive bandwidth or hard drive space. Of course, fear of the used maarket has led this to be done stupidly. No "DLC only" disks or trade in programs because they feel the need to have a "new" game out on shelves otherwise people would just buy the used copy anyway. Now Mortal Kombat and Marvel vs Capcom pissed me off with their "new" editions, offering the added characters DLC was supposed to replace the cheap disk sequals with. Then again, I shouldn't be surprised. Mortal Kombat and Capcom fighters pioneered the "re-release with bonus" idea.

Collectors bonuses are fine. I like seeing soundtracks and t-shirts. But the multi store idea is something I can't see any sane publisher supporting. Do they relaly think that people will buy multiple copies from all stores to get everything, and that the extra copies won't end up on the used rack? I know Japan has an unhealthy obsession with appealing only to the hardcore collector's market and soaking it for all it's worth, but American publishers do this too.

It's sad to think it their own practices that drive many of us to the used rack or 6 month price drops, but as I said, they don't don't feel they should be responsive to the customers anymore.

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