Media Sandwich: Media Sandwich Episode 4

Media Sandwich Episode 4

MovieBob tried to leave but the guys make him an offer he can't refuse.

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Gonna keep naggin you to put this on iTunes. I love you guys but I spend a lot of my time in public transport. I wanna listen to you on the bus and train

Ooooh Bob I thought we talked about this... don't bring up Adventure Time vs MLP FiM... I don't wanna see you burned at the stake for starting a civil war.

Also, i'd love to hear you guys thoughts on the Manga industry. I love me some Shounen Jump but even i'll admit the length some of this stuff gets dragged out is bad. I love Naruto but gawd damn IT WON'T END!!!

Also also, the idea of the Nostalga Critic on a Escapist vid fills me with fanboys squees for some reason.

Nice. Don't worry Bob, we still love you even if you have been immune to our brainwashing thus far. ;)

If you get Egoraptor, can you convince him to do sequelitis on the Escapist?

I gotta say, the main reason I don't read comics is because I had a bad experience as a kid. I got my subscription to Amazing Spider-Man and thought it was great. I did the clone parent's trilogy, and something with Vulture, and Clone Saga, bits of story picking up and dropping off. As a 10-year-old, having random chapters to random stories was not cool. I didn't renew after the second year. Having really gotten back into them. I pick up the occasional trade paperback.

So there is going to eventualy be a Big Picture episode on MLP. Interesting and I can't wait...

-original post deleted-

I shouldn't disrespect site contributors. (Bob)

The guys from No Right Answer are great in this podcast.

I liked how Bob dominated most of the conversation towards the end.
Also, nice impressions good sir.

O het, you are on iTunes now, nevermind then, looking forward to listening to it

Wow, I never knew of the holy terror thing....Thats pretty disturbing.

Ask Egoraptor why he wants to be a tester, that's apparently a horribly boring job.

Dammit Bob it makes me sad to hear you hide that Southie accent. Although I have to say you do a damn near flawless job of hiding it. I only noticed a couple of slips in there.

Batamn vs. Captain America was already setteled in DC vs Marvel do not tell me a hand full of panels do not satisfy you ;D.

"Grant Morrison is the 'plays-well-with-others' version of Alan Moore" is my new favourite line. Bob, whenever you guest on other people's shows, you always pull out these awesome zingers!

Wow, I never knew of the holy terror thing....Thats pretty disturbing.

It still floors me that Frank Miller is the same guy who wrote Martha Washington 20 years ago.

I agree Bob: the squid was not necessary. In fact, I thought it helped Manhattan's status as a metaphor for God, as he had to sacrifice himself on Earth in order to rectify the sins of the world. And when you can have that, or giant brain squid-thing, I know which I'd prefer.

this podcast just got 20% cooler. Though it was already pretty awesome. Love the show guys.

Great episode you guys.

Concerning 22:00 (racism), since Black History month is coming up (I'm going to assume you gentlemen know which one it is already), Bob you should do a month of racist media that has been swept under the rug in our pop culture, and No Right Answer guys, you answer that challenge on which classic character did more racist antics.

Good luck!

I knew they were big time losers, but DBZ? wtf, such dirt.

Symbio Joe:
Batamn vs. Captain America was already setteled in DC vs Marvel do not tell me a hand full of panels do not satisfy you ;D.

Actually in JLA/Avengers (or Avengers/JLA) which is considered canon, Batman admits that Captain America would beat him after a long fight, so instead they team up and work out whats going on. It's a far better read than DC vs Marvel, where all the fights were settled by votes (of course Batman is going to win a popularity contest).

Random Argument Man:
If you get Egoraptor, can you convince him to do sequelitis on the Escapist?

Er, considering how long it's taken him to do just two episodes i don't think he could do like a weekly thing. Unless the escapist can put him on a "one every six months" contract.

Video games are getting better about it, but still suffers from the biggest three problems that comics, tabletop games, and other peripheral, 'nerdy' industries have brought on themselves for years.

First, these media are often largely available only in places that cater only to the market. If you don't already want to play games, you don't go in GameStop. Same with comic shops. The reason Best Buy and WalMart sell so many games is that regular people already go there and just might see them while buying batteries or music or something.

Second, there are huge barriers to entry in terms of a large knowledge, skill, or product base developed over many years, required to enjoy it. You may not gain this unless you spend lots more money and time on it, forgoing your established interests while you pay to learn muscle memory, THAC0, or who all the superheroes have fucked. Conversations or games with your forbears will make you feel slow.

Third, no one- creators and consumers alike- want any of this to change. Creators have come to rely on a small base and compensate by keeping them happy at the expense of potential customers, even in indirect ways. This makes the first two problems ever worse the longer they let it go on. Customers, aware of their niche status, wear their persecution complex like a badge and often view even rumors of attempts to cater to outsiders as abandonment and betrayal. This distemper is invariably myopic, and will occur regardless of whether or not the offending media affects existing preferences in any way. This is like a child throwing a tantrum at the store when their parent passes any food they don't like. Even if it is for their other siblings. All 98 of them. When their favorite meal is already in the basket. And the only thing that child will eat is green tea ice cream with chili powder on pita bread. If this sounds like a far leap for an analogy, it's because I can't really think of anything stupid enough.

Bee tee dubbs, Teen Titans was a great show; I watched it all the time when I was younger because it was on TV which I already had beamed into the home I lived in. Don't know how the comics are; never seen one. Funny.

MovieBob and Comics

MovieBob tried to leave but the guys make him an offer he can't refuse.

Watch Video

......They whored out Starfire?!!! No!!! I thought she was going to fall for Robin.

Most racist character and Tintin isn't mentioned.... =(

Oh, living outside the U.S. I usually don't pick up on comic-related news,
o.k I knewn Alan Moore was high & nuts, but Frank Miller?
Feels bad man, the stuff he wrote in the sin city letter columns
(about legal defence funds & why) made sense, and he came of the paper as a cool guy.

Holy Terror, didn't buy it, never will.


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