Backchat: The PSP Vita Line-Up

The PSP Vita Line-Up

This week, Backchat looks at the PSP Vita line-up and your ideal cyborg teams.

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I want doom on a hand held is that to much to ask? Oooo maybe jazz Jack Rabbit

Hey, look at that I've been mentioned on the show! I picked Bishop because I would need someone to do smart guy stuff...and yes, of course to sit in the corner and spit up milk.

As for the PSP Vita, I don't think Sony could do ANYTHING that would make me want it. I think I've outgrown handhelds, they are only fun to play when you are away from a console and then I usually have something better to do anyway. So until Apple can put some more buttons on my iPhone I guess I'll just be stuck with touch screen games, which usually aren't as fun or as deep as handheld games.

This whole thing got me to thinking about super sci-fi teams and I'm going to go with:

-Yoda, for the brains. I'm usually not that much of a Star Wars fan, but if you need smarts on your team, Yoda's your man... alien... thing.
-Commander Shephard, because by now he must be the best armourer in all of space. And he already has that kind of teamwork mentality.
-D0g, because, come on, how awesome is he in Half-Life 2? If you need something to do heavy lifting or courageously bash in a few strider heads, then D0g is the way to go.

Is she Irish?

I know what will make me get a Vita. It starts with 'F' and ends with 'inal Fantasy 6' and it would have to be super pretty.

Is she Irish?


What would I like to see? I think I'd like to see Sony give the ps3 some decent firmware support before trying to sell me another overpriced piece of hardware that's guaranteed to get horrible support. Really, Sony has done absolutely nothing to try and keep me interested in the Playstation brand and as a result, I seriously doubt I'll get another Playstation anything.
The ps2 was good, and I played some amazing games on it. I gave the psp a shot but all that had was constant firmware updates that did nothing for the legitimate consumer but annoy me into not getting new psp games. But I gave the ps3 a try anyway (because the competition was chronically bricking) and that was a waste too: the machine had so much potential but they didn't make any improvements all they did with it was remove big features. Update 4.0 was the final insult that ended my relationship with the Playstation brand. All that did was make the ps3 a docking station for the vita.

By God, she even looks like Lisa Foiles! I say - fair trade.

not so very interesting I'm afraid... but that might just be the subject matter on this particular episode.

plus... she insulted her cat... never EVER insult your cats!

felines are your friends.

Say, theoretically a 22 year old man-child with $300 to spend, walked into a Wal~Mart or Gamestop to purchase a handheld but knew literally nothing about them proceeding the Gameboy colour. Which would he be best off buying? Mind you his intent of use would be: Browsing, RPG style gaming and Youtube. Yes, all of which his semi-smart android phone can pull off, but kills its battery in about 20 minutes.

Secondly, and maybe even more importantly; where does one purchase a cat, entirely made of cat? the closest I can find are the Chicken balls at Mings' Palace. >,<

Good job with the video, keep up the good work. :)


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