And we’re going to AGC

And we're going to AGC

The Austin Games Conference that is. On September 6, a whole boatload of us will be truckin' south and west to speak, be spoken to, meet and greet other attendees of AGC. Alex Macris, Publisher of The Escapist, is part of a panel called "Life After Subscriptions," discussing alternative revenue models in online gaming. Joe Blancato, our Associate Editor, is participating in the panel "Third Party Community Sites, What Can They Do For You?" discussing the at time tenuous, but ultimately useful relationship between game developers and fansites.

You might note that both these panels seem related to online gaming. Well, yes, for those not familiar with it, AGC is focused on MMOGs. Themis has been a sponsor for AGC from early on, as our first foray into games media is the WarCry Network, a collection of fansites centered around specific MMOGs. And we are proud to be sponsoring AGC again this year.

And though we're not on any panels, Russ Pitts, Associate Editor and JR Sutich, Contributing Editor, and I will be in attendance to throw things at ... I mean support Joe and Alex, as well as to check out the latest and greatest in the online gaming world. All you guys in the Austin area - Allen, Evan, Warren ... I know I'm forgetting someone - stop in and say "hello!"


Not on any panels = can drink until 7:30 am every day. We win.

I know just the bar(s).

Being on a panel = they provide the drinks.

Right? Right?

Keep dreamin' Pony Boy.

Man, I'm not going to be nearly as fun as I promised.

Every time the Escapist comes to Austin, this town is all the better for it. Welcome back; I remember last time.

Oooh! Did someone say ponies??!!


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