Unskippable: Cursed Crusade

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That 30 second unskippable advisement at the start of the video is a little meta.



If you play the cursed crusade, it is a foregone conclusion that game play wise...

*puts on sunglasses*

...you're fucked

no, that was just bad. Go back to internet kindergarten and learn how to use memes properly.

This game was looking very bland and generic, then sudden WTF out of nowhere. So now the templars work for God AND Hell?

Well, supposedly they were warriors for God, but remember that supposedly they served a face on a piece of cloth that may have been either the cloth that wiped Jesus' face while he was carrying the cross to his execution, or was the Shroud of Turin folded so that only the face showed. When the Templars were disbanded by the Pope and French King, it was under the story that the Templars were actually serving the Devil/Baphomet, who was supposedly the face on the cloth. So according to History, God and the Devil, yup.

What distracted me most was the line about the Sons of Saladin (Saladin being a single guy) and then that line about the Fathers (plural) of the Sons of Saladin... Talk about confusing. Sons of a Singular Father that suddenly becomes plural...

I think it's more to do with the way the crusaders were supposed to earn their salvation by taking the Holy land from the Muslims. The Pope told them that when they did this all their sins would be forgiven and they would get into heaven. Obviously tThe guy in the cutscene failed to claim the land back, so he didn't earn his way into heaven, and ended up in Hell. I think that is what the cutscene is getting at, but it was really vague about actual plot, so I'm not sure.

Anyone catch Martin's 2 frame dance at 4:30?

wow, some great riffing there, guys, so much quotes to like. ^^

and that gameplay tutorial teasing was annoying, yet your commentary made it hilarious. XD

"cafe au lait...pomme de terre"
You put potatoes in your coffee? O_o

Seriously, do Brutal Legend please

Ok, I didn't see this as I scrolled through the forum posts, so here goes:

Was I the only one that, when Paul said "Eerily Quiet..." Suddenly thought,"Almost strangely quiet, as if the morning's discordant performance..."

And yeah I know I'm late on this. I'm behind :(

Templars that aren't transparently evil? Ubisoft must be going insane now.

Also, I love how there seem to be absolutely no bits of gameplay with fairly decent (but not very impressive) cutscenes. That's the makings of a good game there.

What, didn't you guys watch the Rocky and Bullwinkle show? When the fighting stopped it was obviously Tea Time.

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