The Escapist Presents: Minecraft 2011

Minecraft 2011

The coolest Minecraft creations and mods from the past year!


"Mining all Day Long" By Miracle of Sound

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Pretty damn epic is what comes to mind when watching this. I wonder how many man-hours it took to make all of that...
And i gotta admit, some people really do have a lot of willpower to create stuff like this. Awesome, plain awesome. What a game.

Also, Miracle Of Sound still sounds as awesome as ever. Rock on.

It's weird to have Mining All Day Long on this, since that song is about Survival while the video is clearly about mods and/or Creative Mode.

Anyways, this is so damn awesome I just had to share it.

Those were unbelievable. Lot of effort went into that, and congrats to all who made their castles strong.

Not to include anything by Disco has OCD is just plain wrong.

Nice work.

I could never have that much time

Utterly breathtaking. Can't beleive how much some people can do on this game. The most complicated thing I've ever made is an automatic melon farmer.

One of those awkward moments where all you can do is feel green with envy at the gamers building castles...Nice video =]


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