And Now, The Ironic Conclusion of The Escapist Office Games!

And Now, The Ironic Conclusion of The Escapist Office Games!


There is a great power in naming. A word of encouragement has the power to uplift, a cruel slur to maim. Many grow into their names, proving either the surety of parental forethought or the inevitability of fate, and some seem to forever struggle beneath the weight of a claim they can't uphold. The truth is that time makes fools of us all, and hindsight has a way of highlighting that absurdity.

And so it was that the Overdogs, self-titled arbiters of apocalyptic victory, maintainers of the endless lead, and perpetually favored to win, fell at the last beneath the fateful blade of Team Won.

That's right, let me just say it again so that the full impact washes over you: The Overdogs lost to Team Won. Team Won won, one might even say Team Won squared, as if the Cosmos itself intervened in an effort to avoid literal incongruity.

As it turns out, the bitter taste of ironic defeat can be washed down quite successfully by some festive holiday liqueur. We wanted to film the whole embarrassing ordeal for you guys, but it seemed important to give everyone a chance to really play. We heard you guys like games too, so hopefully you understand.

- The Escapist Staff

P.S. If you've seen the gallery and are wondering what we gave each other for Christmas, the answer was unilaterally Magic cards.


Team Won, won?

Kross is on Team Won. Do tell what Kross wins, Mr.announcer!

Mr.Announcer: "Kross wins a coupon for Blame Frostycoolslug! a.k.a Frosty "Craig" the Snowman" Meaning whenever someone blames Kross, he can use it so Frosty gets the blame instead, this also allows him too send more Bubble Shooter in Frosty's direction."


imageThis is what happens when you give a man a fancy title. Everything's fine for a few weeks and then he starts murdering underlings who do better than he does.

Elisa is no one's underling. She hands out the paychecks and stops water from dripping from the ceiling. In my book that makes her more important than the CEO.

Thank you!!!

The Overdogs may have been defeated but this just means the games were rigged! I need to pay more attention :/


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