Trailers: Armored Core V - Multiplayer Walkthrough Trailer

Armored Core V - Multiplayer Walkthrough Trailer

I wonder how things would pan out if the core was not armored? Probably a much shorter game.

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The single player better be the focus of this, otherwise they're just fooling themselves...

It looks a lot better than AC4, though that isn't really saying much.

AC4 just bored the hell out of me. It put me in an environment that I didnt care about, flung a lot of customisation options at me from the very begining to the point that it wasn't clear what I could and couldn't do and everything was muddy brown and grey in colour.

I preferred AC2 (I think it was that one), where you simply battled to get to the top of the ladder against harder and harder ACs and felt a bit more anime like (I recreated the EVA unit from Evangelion :D). Ill still give this a look into though, the MP does look pretty tasty!

I've never played an Armored Core game. I like the look of this, but seems like it'd just be too fast-paced for me to enjoy.


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