Trailers: Little Big Planet 2 - Muppets Trailer

Little Big Planet 2 - Muppets Trailer

If you didn't want to play this game before you surely do now.

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Oh God yes. That was AWESOME. Muppets and LittleBig Planet is like... peanut butter and chocolate. SO going to buy this when it hits.

Also, that new gravity material looks fun. I see possibilities. And they BETTER have the Muppet theme as a new song option.

mother of god, why must i have an xbox

Well it's cute but that is the one thing they were never short on, what they needed to improve was the overall gameplay, for a physicsy platformer it was always far too floaty.

They have wonderful mechanics and the creation engine is just off the hook, but I never want to play anything because it offers nothing aside from frustration.

Ha ha ha, this is excellent! I need a new Ps3, this may be a good enough excuse to get it! :)

That was adorable! It was also severely lacking in the best Muppet of them all:



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