Escapist Podcast: 031: Creativity & What We've Been Playing

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I would like to support having Susan do the next podcast in that squeaky voice she used at the end. That was hilarious!

This is what I use to do with ramen noodles. I would make a rue using flour and butter, mix the flavor packet in with that. I would drain some of the water from the noodles, not all of it, but some, and then mix in the rue. Let that thinken for just a minute, and it was amazing. Sometimes I got fancy and threw in some Foreman grilled chicken.

Personally,I think the greatest gaming podcast ever would feature you and Yahtzee (On opossite side) talking about a game.


fuck you made me spend money on a new board game. Risk Legacy looks amazing, glad to hear about it from you guys.

Also mac and cheese is easy especially the baked kind with the crusty. I'd give you the recipe but my mom would kill me :3

(ie Chunked Velveta, Milk, Microwave to soften, add into cooked noodles and mix then sprinkle with real cheese on top before putting it into oven to finish...mmm tasty)

Awesome about Metallica, Used to listen to them a lot then they did the whole napster thing, their attitude lost a fan and i haven't listened to them since then.

Yeah because the legal actions of the drummer effects the quality of their music. Your loss man, I saw them on their last tour and it was one of the best live shows I've seen (And I've seen quite a few).

On an unrelated note I love V for Vendetta, would have been awesome at the imax.

Also Also: I've read the second and third millennium books (But not the first idk why) and Larson really doesn't get any better at avoiding largely irrelevant background density. I mean U love the books but yeah. Tolkien is the worst though, seriously that guy can write without actually adding to the story.

Also Also Also: Wow I love Battlefront 2 as well. That was my second favourite game on my Ps2.

I am a terrible person, I would probably immediately look in all the bags on that board game. I'm also the sort of person that always used bookmarks in Choose Your Own Adventure games so I could go back if I made a bad choice, heh.

Susan, you're assertive and passionate. Don't you dare change! (Especially since your tastes run EERILY similar to mine so I stalk your reviews!)

Bad games can be enjoyable. If they are too frustrating, no.
But most games that are bad are also frustrating.

But something like Big rigs is hilarious.
Or if the plot is bad, it can be enoyable, but for the same reasons a bad movie would.

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