59: Piano Wizards

"Plenty of kids wind up press-ganged into the car, driven to a house that smells of cats and shouted at as they mangle Mozart, but it's seldom fun. Consequently, I was intrigued when I was presented with Allegro Rainbow's Piano Wizard." Shannon Drake talks to the man responsible for the game that just may make learning music fun in "Piano Wizards."

Piano Wizards

If only there had been something like this while I was taking piano lessons. Around 8 years of my life wasted. I have nothing to show for it. I memorized every song assigned to me and knew it by ear. I can only tell you where middle C is on the piano and on sheet music... What a waste... Of course I feel bad about it now. I could be playing decent piano right now if I had only focused, paid attention, etc.

Actually the article makes me want to get the software and try this whole thing over again...

Actually the article makes me want to get the software and try this whole thing over again...

Me too. I used to bang around on pianos and keyboards when I was younger, but never had any lessons or wanted to take them, really. A program like this would have been just the thing.

It kinda reminds me of Keyboard Mania, but then again, this is probably better for actual learning.

I wonder how well it would work for people, such as me, who can already read music and be expressive and improvise, but couldn't play the piano (with more than one finger, anyway) to save their lives.

An intriguing question, Bongo Bill. My best guess is you could play it for the inital rhythm game aspect to learn fingering and keys.

I think this article sounds like an advertisement. I want more inside into results and the theory behind the concept.


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