60: D&D Therapy

"It's becoming so ubiquitous that the hatred is old hat to us. Don't allow your kids to play videogames. It deadens their imagination, makes them more violent, exposes them to boobies and ruins their social conditioning with other kids. Most gamers are tired of hearing this, so tired they're numb to the criticisms. But what we don't hear enough of is the truth of the matter: Gaming is good for you." Mur Lafferty reveals to truth about gaming in "D&D Therapy."

D&D Therapy

Brilliant stuff, Mur. This is a great piece.

Great Article. I've always known that gamers aren't that much different from anyone else.

This is a wonderful article. It demonstrates the incredible power of the anecdotal evidence on our side of the debate, which is probably the ideal counter to the equally anecdotal evidence on the other side of the debate. More, it does so with a balance and a measure that every voice on the anti-gaming side sorely lacks. It will be nice, someday, to have some statistics, but in the meantime it's as least as good to have talented writers like Ms. Lafferty to encourage us in the face of gaming's foes. Thank you, Ms. Lafferty.

An excellent article. I am a psychologist under training and this inspired me to write a few things myself at http://encefalus.com/clinical/dd-psychotherapy/

Mur Lafferty? Shouldn't you be writing? :)

Great article and great podcasts.


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