60: There's a Lot More to Tell

"Chainsaws and gore pass for cutting-edge in gaming, but Silicon Knights' Eternal Darkness takes the craft of horror further. A Call of Cthulhu-style Sanity system plunges characters into madness, but the game also reaches out into the life of the player as his character goes mad. Instead of zombies out of nowhere, there's that cold chill in the pit of the stomach, that little shudder as the game announces 20 hours of gameplay has been deleted. There's the unsettling feeling of realizing the bug crawling across the TV is on the inside." Shannon Drake delves into the mind of the madmen behind "Eternal Darkness" in " There's a Lot More to Tell."

There's a Lot More to Tell

Eternal Darkness is one of my favourite games. My copy has been played through about seven times -- I either loan it out or get friends to play it in small groups. Some individual chapters have been played more than that. Everyone I've shown it to has loved it. Sadly, I'm a lot less interested in the action gameplay of Too Human.

For Lovecraft fans, there's also a Call of Cthulhu game for the original Xbox. I've got it, but haven't had a chance to play it yet.

an absolutely lovely, solid game. The setup reminds me of what TimeSplitters did with the FPS genre (where it takes place in a bunch of different settings with a bunch of different characters) except for a survival horror game and with a much better, logical story line to tie the different settings and characters together. I didn't find the game too scary compared to the more well known titles, but then again I kept my sanity meter high because I always found insanity very unnerving. I found the story to be epic and awe inspiring, with its historical and ancient backdrop, and just as unique, smooth, and logical as the game play. Hell the strategy is so deep that when my opponent would cast long spells I found myself choosing shorter spells so I could cast mine before his. The aesthetics were also just beautiful, from the old French cathedrals to the Mesopotamian architecture of the Forbidden City.

Eternal Darkness is an all around solid game that should go down as a classic, both as a piece of art and interactive art.


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