Media Sandwich: Media Sandwich Episode 5

Media Sandwich Episode 5

This week the guys admit that they don't know everything.

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I get what you mean with Melee, I played that so much that probably all the hours summed up are at least one entire year, my brother and I would play it a minimum of 2 hours a day per day for the course of 4 years, we were the perfect team, which is odd because we never played team matches, but when our friends came, they knew they had to watch out for us because we were perfectly coordinated and did all sorts of stuff to keep each other alive, and we would juggle them from one side of the screen to the other, it was epic, and then at the end we had our 1 on 1 duel, it was awesome because we were always helping each other but we were also trying to generate an advantage over the other for the final duel, but this being Smash Brothers you never know how it'll finish.
BTW he played Zelda also, and I mean Zelda not Sheik, yeah he changed when necessary but he spent most of all fights as Zelda, I played Marth, Captain Falcon, Ganondorf and Mario, always switching, though really the last year we did our melee match we only chose characters at random.

I reckon the game I've logged the most hours in would be Animal Crossing. I used to play that religiously.

You guys are awesome, keep up the awesomeness!

Also, if you ever want to hear a random 21 year old Australian talk about pop-culture, let me know.

Games I've played the most: Alien vs. Predator (LAN parties FTW!), Baldur's Gate, Europa Universalis III, Fallout 2, and Dragon Age.

You can play Portal 2 across PS3 and PC, but not PC/360 or PS3/360.

There are at least two DLCs for Alan Wake.

You haven't seen Season 6 of Dexter yet!? Oh. My. God. Go watch NOW!! Seriously epic season, and the last episode, wow.

Also, i'm really sorry for being too late to do the tweeting thing. I only finished listening to this at 3am on the 3rd. But i'll try to listen to the next one a bit sooner.

Kyle sounds like Jonah Hill to me.

Chris ( and Kyle) When you finish the IT Crowd, and obviously Dr. Who ( because as far as British TV is concerned Dr Who is probably the most important thing you should watch ( maybe Monty Python is more important, cant really decide between those two)) But after you finish Dr Who and IT Crowd You should watch Coupling ( all 4 seasons are available on Netflix)it is a show written by the current lead writer of Dr. Who, and the creator of the new Sherlock. IT IS A HILLARIOUS sit com. I would have to say that it beats Friends eight ways of Sunday.

oh yeah, and he wrote the episode Blink.

Loved the podcast! These sandwiches are really tasty when combined with Minecraft :)

Fun fact: "Wash" was in the rehab comedy-drama 28 Days as a guy with a funny accent. As you may guess, he stole the show.

YES. YES. Portal 2. Do it now! Seriously I want to see Let's Play: Chris and Kyle Shoot Portals at Stuff.

Wow I mean wow. I started re-playing Mario RPG legend of the seven stars when I started this podcast. I did not expect my favorite game to be mentioned. As for Wario Land I played the heck out of that game. I loved it because I found all of the secretes myself, but I had too. It was before the internet was a thing for me to find that. So what kind of house did you guys get on Wario? Or did you not beat it. To give you an idea how much I played it, I have gotten every single house on that game.

My top frustrating game moment is the bridge to sherbert island level.

You left Shadow on the floating continent, didn't you?

That was good and I think a Portal 2 co-op lets play would be amazing :D


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