Tales from the Table: Chapter 17: A Tale of The End

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Chapter 17: A Tale of The End

The end has finally come for our adventurers.

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Silly DM.
He can't play, he can't win.

That said, the Players CAN always lose - depending on how generous you feel... :)

This can't be the end. D:

Better be a second season to well, bring them back together and fix everything. :<

I like this ending, immensely.
That technically, by the DM "winning" he's also lost, and they beat him :P

Poor Kryzon. All alone in his dead kingdom.

That was a very depressing ending. I liked it but it was sad. I hope to see them all again someday soon.

Geez no wonder this took ages to release. The amount of FX and getting the extra for the battle scene.
None the less the wait was worth it!
Also oh I see, the whole being belittle by his sister is what drove him to acting all overpowered to them lot, pretty much taking his frustration directly at the group (yes I know he was pissed at his sister but still).

I think that was a great end of the episode, but I hope the show goes on after this. Maybe that one guy they kicked out of the group in the beginning can come back and save them, or they can start a new story?

Good way to wrap up a story rather than just let it fizzle out. I feel sorry for the DM now :( he was only a troubled soul.

Imp Emissary:
I think that was a great end of the episode, but I hope the show goes on after this. Maybe that one guy they kicked out of the group in the beginning can come back and save them, or they can start a new story?

Yes! Bring back Phillip!

That was a Dr Horrible good ending. This series rocked and that episode in particular, I so hope this means there's going to be another season though. Wow that was an awesome thing to do, from the minute he stopped pretending

But... but.... but but but..... but Hollywood and the mainstream media institution has left me COMPLETELY unable to internalize any other kind of ending other than "And they all lived happily ever after!" This isn't happily ever after AT ALL! I'm confused!

Probably the best long running series ever featured on the escapist, my favorite at least. Seriously, you guys could go on and make anything and do well at it. I live in Utah, bring something to Sundance so I can meet you incredibly talented people.

I like this ending, but only if it's not a real one.
To build a good tragicomedy, which it would be at this point, you need to watch out for not loosing consistency. And as much as i like this show, now it is everything but consistent in tone, and mood. Thought it seems to be getting better, and better at it (and absolutely not only at it). Clearly it was going to be something else at the beginning, and it staggers the evolution a bit. Still distance past is impressive.
It can be a great rising the stakes but as a real ending I feel it would be rather cheap trick used for a shock value. I really hope that they will wrap this up in the next episodes / season. Not necessarily with happy ending, although it would seem most appropriate, but showing closing of character arcs.

PS: Looking at all of this, our reaction for the episode is exactly what creators intended. There is nothing here that REALLY is saying that the series is over. It seems a tale of the end, not the end of a tale.

Nice end to an awesome series. Sadly, in my experience it's a fairly realistic ending and I've come across more than a few murderous DMs...

A bittersweet ending for such a great series, but I do hope for an epilogue that shows how the players and DM got through "the end"

Somehow, it's even more sad that it's the end now.
But I guess the only enemy they ever faced was each other. In the end, they had to face that, and if one of them had to win, they all had to lose.
That said, I really hope there's more to this. Maybe a second season that ends with them back together, but ends completely after that. Or just another episode where they all realize that they have their flaws, and that's what makes the game interesting. Then that could start off a new season. I don't know, I just want more.

Ok sad ending but I need more. You guys won't leave me will you? This is my most wanted series on the escapist. when this comes out I drop everything to watch it.

Maybe they can respawn at a church or something.

Too bad this series never got more attention. The camera work is beautiful, especially in the start where the feather falls. The acting is meh, but I still really love this. It's probably my favorite series on the escapist. Sad to see it go.

That's not really the end, is it? I mean, I can handle dark, but this is... really effin' dark.

Thanks for such a great series. It was fantastic and it's a shame it didn't get more attention.

Wonder what you all will do next...

Epic. As. Fuck.

This series has been really great, guys. Moar pleez. I'd love to see them roll up some new characters for a 2nd season ;)


Oh, and I just have to say, for an amateur production your SFX are so so good. So good.

A good final episode - a statement I will withdraw should the tale continue. I am happy there was no happy ending. The sad part is that the barbarian went fully unexplored and remained a one dimensional character, which could have been the intentional point, which would be very, very low.

Either that was a depressingly awesome end to the series, or an Amazingly awesome cliffhanger for a second season.

Can I just say that I love this series?

I'm really hoping this is isn't the end to the show, and just a fantastic cliffhanger for season two.

i love this show and as such i must say the following statement:


thank you for your time have a pleasant day!

Very nice ending; I think it was best ended this way rather than any other.
That said, I will have to keep this in mind the next time I DM...


I came to the Escapist for Zero Punctuation and now only come back for Tales from the Table. I spent $20 on the publishers club just to watch the whole series in HD in a marathon leading up to the season finale. I hope that Aardvarks Anonymous do some amazing things in the future and keep the community on the escapist up to date with what is going on. I will be checking out their Facebook page daily.


Oh hell YES!

That was a hell of an ending for a hell of a series. I really, really hope you guys make a second season. That'd be awesome.

excellent finale for an excellent series, especially for someone who is only just starting with d&d. please do a second series, as this is one of the best things on the escapist


I've said it before, this is pretty much the best series on the Escapist right now, and they can't leave it on a cliffhanger like that. There has to be a second series planned, right?

I confess, It was not a bad ending, but I'm feeling disappointed. After all those comedy dialogues and heroic tales, I was expecting an ending which if not happy, would at the very least make me laugh. I loved the series and wtched every episode religiously, but this last episode let me down horribly.

Nerds eh, what are they like?

Slow clap.

Well done by all! This series is a real gem and you ground the last facet perfectly. I didn't know how I wanted this series to end, but nothing I can think of would top what I got. A real life resolution to a fantasy game. Reroll.

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