Sh*t Saying

Sh*t Saying

A behind the scenes look at what kinds of things people say.

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Could have used a "Shit Butts Say" segment.

After all, that's exactly the type of brilliant ground-breaking humor that LRR videos are known for.

Really, really enjoying having a full length Loading Time for each update now.

Praise be to Raymond!

Me: Oh boy it's another Loading Ti- OH I WANT THAT SIMPSONS POSTER!!

I honestly had no idea there was a meme about this. Guess I'm not as much of an internet guy as I thought. Thank The Flippin' Old Ones For That!

Never heard of this meme before either. That being said, I really wish you guys had kept "Swinging with the Team" in this version. I try to imagine what that is and can only think it's somebody joining an entirely gay baseball league.

For some reason, at the cut to Paul explaining how Graham had to help him finishing the mime makeup, I was all: "Ghaaaa, Christopher Walken!" - doubly terrifying. :P

Shit, I never knew that this was a thing. I gotta keep up with the times, man. :S

EuroDance??? REALLY???

Funniest Loading Time yet! No offense meant but i thought that was funnier than the Loading Ready Run video that was being filmed!

Two questions:
1. Did you get to keep/did you have to buy the packs for the Shit Magic Players say scene?
2. What does Matt do to James' cards in the stinger?

Weekly Loading Time videos make me feel all bubbly inside. Keep being awesome guys, I don't know how you find the time to do everything you do, but just know that we love it.

(Glances at network traffic.)



No filename can serve two masters, Graham.

Graham, keep dancing in every video. Make it a meme, so that in every behind the scenes video in the future, there will be a shot of the cast and crew dancing.

I find it disturbing that in the scene were Paul is talking about finishing putting on the mime makeup that with his incomplete makeup and having his glasses off he looked like Bob Geldof in his role from The Wall movie.

Oh dear... why did you just have to give Venga Boys more money via royalties? :(
That's an era of my childhood I wish to forget</3

The lens you have mounted to the 60D:
Is that an M42 lens of some sort? One of the few lenses I've seen with the two silver rings is a Soligor 35mm f/2.8... I can't find any Canon, Zeiss, Tamron, Sigma, Tokina or even Nikon lens that looks like that, and it bugs me.

man i love these videos

I'm sure I'm not the first to say this, and probably not the last, but...

when are these guys gonna get a feature length production??

OT: Wubstep, Europop, Europop, Wubstep, it's all the same after you taken enough [redacted] to topple an elephant. :P

Something, something, something, AW LOOK AT THE PRETTY KITTY! WHO'S A SILLY KITTY!, something, something

I liked the mime part, quite witty.

What is Graham's T-Shirt and where can i get one?!?!?!

I think I must be lucky to learn about Sh*t X Says until LRR spoofed it

Nice video. The dubstep/europop dillemma is finally elucidated.

I'm actually impressed Paul really did the 'stairs down' mime bit - I just assumed you had found a stairway that run near a door and had him walk down it.

Nice hat catch by glasses-less paul.

And in the shot where Paul was putting on make up the way that his face was blown out made it look like he was glowing.

I wasn't sure I was going to like this little spin off, but I actually really enjoyed it. Can't wait for the next one. There's something just generally pleasing about Graham's voice I think. I could listen to him talk about stuff all day.

Sh*t Saying

A behind the scenes look at what kinds of things people say.

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Whoa. Graham. Where did you get the "ride the pink salmon" shirt?

Each & every day I be talkin' that shit......

I like Loading Time! More Dr's LRR is always a good thing.


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