Miracle of Sound: Nord Mead (Skyrim)

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I think a round of applause to Justin for the video!


I had no idea dark brotherhood drank so much mead.

Now we know what Lydia REALLY gets up to when you're not there!

This has to be the first Miracle of Sound video I have watched where I was actually distracted enough by the footage to miss some of the damn song, now I'll have to go back and listen without it! Great work on the vid Justin!

Not that I ever need a reason to listen to Gav's music again of course!

I like that this Skyrim song is not related to dragons or the epicness of Skyrim, but I personally prefer some of his other works to this one. Like "Joker's Song", for example.

Wait wait wait, Skooma makes Nord bellies bleed? Wow these guys are absolute wimps then. Kahjit chug that stuff like it was water and the stuff in Skyrim seems to be a much weaker version too.

Always knew the Nords were little more than an echoing Bark.

A fun song and a nice video on top of that. Awesome. I really like that it's not about dragons or valor or something predictable, but it's about alcohol. If I ever meet you I'll buy you a drink.

I have now found my drinking song.

Beer beer beer was good.

I'm a cider drinker cover by Alestorm was mine for the last few months.

But my favourite drink is mead, so neither of those fit.
But this... THIS is my drinking song now :D

Nice one Gav!

Hahaha! This is fucking hilarious Gavin! And super catchy to boot. My goal in life now is to sing this song with a whole room full of people who are all piss drunk.

Thank you for this song...

I'm happy I got to hear it. Can't wait to purchase it on itunes =P...

This song is pure fun. I love it. :)

Haha, I lol'd at this song.

This song has now been adopted as the Thieves Guild's drinking song. Especially considering I knicked every last bottle in Honningbrew Meadery prior to sabotaging the Honningbrew Reserve.

This is fantastic! Headbanging to this is really keeping me from finishing my homework, but never mind, I'll drink the evening away! How long until it goes up on iTunes?

Damn. This is just awesome. Gav's been on something of a heavy streak lately, so it's nice for him to come out and show us he knows how to make a nice, catchy, upbeat, and hilarious tune.

The video especially added to the hilarity. The downloaded version will be lesser for its loss.

Miracle. You mix potions, right? Can you brew me an ale?

Yeah, I will be drinking for the rest of the day now. I don't have any mead though. It's gonna have to be good old Fat Tire. Thanks for the inspiration. Though I hardly need inspiration to drink, I usually wouldn't start for another four hours or so.

How do you keep topping yourself like this?! :D

Just awesome. The closes thing I'd call it is a Flogging Molly song that has had its sound cleaned up a bit. (And yes, this is meant as praise)

Jungy 365:
Love it. A fun song which makes me really in the mood for a pint. I know it's intended as an Irish pub song, but the one song it reminds me of in particular is the Green Dragon song from The Return of the King.
I raise my flagon in respect of another great song!

Good thing I'm not the only one who thought that! :D

You need to change up your style once in a while.

OT: Brilliant catchy tune! Now I want a beer. Since that's the closest I'm gonna get to Nord Mead around here.

Completely wonderful, great capture by Justin as well. Easily stands up with Sovengarde Song.

Stop making song I instantly get addicted to, my ears are sore from orgasming.

But in all seriousness, another instant hit.

Is this sung to the tune of Sovngarde Song, but sped up? Kind of sounds like it.

No but both of them are based around nordic folk music so they are quite alike :)

Damned talented musicians,.. stop making me jealous.
But I am starting to miss the Hard rock /Heavy Metal songs like "Age of the Dragon" and Fire in Your Hole" (Folk Metal makes my belly bleed).

Promise I'll make some good old fashioned rock songs soon :)

it's a great song, but i kind of wonder, how would you sing this during a live concert?

It would have to be done with other people really. Otherwise I'd just sing the main melody

I think a round of applause to Justin for the video!

Agreed - I was in hysterics watching it last night when he sent it to me. The humour in the shots just fits the song perfectly.

I almost fell off my chair when I saw him Fus Ro Dah the barkeeper over :D

Andrew W. K. would be proud, him and probably Dropkick Murphys.

Also, the dancing made me laugh and I think Lydia has a drinking problem.....by not sharing any of that damn mead!

This is a really great song, and a great drinking song at that.

A fine tribute to the previously unsung hero of many a tale of Skyrim

So if you dance to "The Dragonborn Comes" at the wedding, I guess this is for the bachelor party? :)

Gavin, why do you have to write such good songs? And why do I have to wait a week to buy them? Congratulations again, by the way. ;D

This one was great. There's not much more I can add, besides that I laughed. Out loud.

When I heard this announced on facebook I was hoping for a Korpiklaani style track, this was absolutly amazing although a Violin solo would have added a little extra.

Also as I said before anyone who liked this track should go and Find some Korpiklaani, there discography is basically this, folk metal with lyrics about Drinking!

Ha love it a very catchy tune

X3 Lydia, you have a problem...

OT: Dammit, this song is so catchy it pushed Doctor Steel out of my head D:

The song is great. But the video is flippin fantastic, it had me laughing out loud. (Especially the archmage dancing on a pile of empty bottles.)

You don't drink Skooma, you smoke it in a specially designed pipe.
It's essentially crack.

Never really been a fan of this part of the escapist (The Miracle of Sound), but this is just awesome. Well done sir.

"Chug a mug of mead
And another mug of mead
Chug another mug of mead
Till you fall down"

So you've been out drinking with my sister again (then again in her case it would be chug a mug of mead and fall down!)

Wonderful as always Gav

After the awesomely-haunting Joker's Song, it's nice to hear a just-as-awesome fun little ditty.

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