Escape to the Movies: The Phantom Menace 13 Years Later

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Soviet Heavy:
I do think that It is better than Attack of the Clones, I'll give you that.

But if we're talking about the worst Star Wars film, that easily goes to this turd.

By god was this movie bad.

You said it yourself Bob.

Still not the worst Star Wars movie, that honor goes to the holiday special

I disagree. The Holiday Special is bad, but it is bad in a funny way. Like bizarre Wookiee's masturbating to weird black ladies, Jefferson Starship, the Boba Fett Cartoon, and a stoned Carrie Fisher singing a christmas carol.

I've held the same sentiment as Moviebob for a while. Episode I was bad, but visually pleasing and still maintaining a tiny bit of tangibility. The sets had some grit to them, and it felt like a lot of effort had been put into it.

Episode II replaced just about everything with CGI, filled it up with a vapid, God awful love story, and made everything look too clean. Episode III tripled all of that, attempted to be 'grittier' while still having toy-robot death cries, and utterly collapsed in on itself. I fell asleep in those movies.

This could have a lot to do with Lucas admitting that he looked at old creationism/deity stories to come up with the plot, too. Anakin was a whiny, spoiled brat that pretty much just got a wife because that's how it goes in those old stories; a highly unlikeable character gets a wife just because a wife is a possession and would fall in love with the character even if he was a giant festering boil.

I guess I was never a fan of Star Wars, though, and that's why I never felt enraged at Episode I. It was just...bad. Not horrible, but not good.

Honestly, I thought the series fell apart when tiny teddy bears were beating storm troopers with pointy sticks, but maybe I just don't 'get' it.

The Phantom Menace isn't atrocious, just boring. Actual problem is that Lucas never seems to have accepted his own limitations and insists he knew what he was doing as a writer and director. He shoulda just contracted other directors and writers to do the prequel trilogy. Seriously, I can't imagine what a Star Wars Trilogy done by Ridley Scott, Peter Jackson, and Bryan Singer would have been like. I'm not exactly bitter, but I'll never accept the Prequels as cannon. Or Lucas as the end-all, be-all for the universe.


I hope even more people watch the Plinkett reviews now thanks to you :)

I tried too, but just like Jar Jar, I could not stand his fucking voice... oh by spongebob, I could not stand his awful, awful, stereotypical voice.

I listened to at least 7 minutes, and he made sense... But that could not keep his voice away. :(

Please do a cover of it, haha. ^^

I love his voice, especially because it's so stereotypical. I dunno, I thought it just added to the humour of his reviews. Still makes me giggle after all these years whenever her offers up pizza rolls or for someone to milk his cat.

OT: I pretty much agree. As a kid I loved Phantom for it's looks. The story I didn't care so much about. I wanted to see the force. I wanted to see light saber fights. I wanted to see space battles. And it pulled them off really well. Nowerdays I want a good story and characters from a movie so I can understand why there was so much hate.

Well I agree and yet disagree with the points brought up in this video. I do dislike the prequel trilogy but I was always going to dislike the prequel trilogy since it is a prequel, there was no way to answer any questions ("What were the clone wars?" "What were the Jedi Knights like?" "What was Darth Vader like before he became the Darth and what was his relationship like with Ol' Ben?") without disappointing someone. However, the trilogy did disappoint me and it always will. However, I am generally silent about my dislike unless the subject is brought up by a third party.

The odd thing is though that even though I dislike the Phantom Menace I hate all the Plinkett reviews of the prequel trilogy, although he can bring up a good point now and again, his 'deconstruction' is simply far too long and unwieldy and he either misses points or completely confuses them in order to make a humourous point. What annoys me more however is the fact that like Bob said the review is used as an argument all the time with no real original thought, it's simply regurgitation.

wait people hate van helsing? I loved that movie. Yeah it was corny, but it was grade a corn.

So, to have a strong opinion is being "butthurt"?

Remind me, how bad were the Transformers films again?

Thank you! Thank you for explaining what I've been trying to for years. I actually liked Phantom Menace, you know why? Because I saw it when I was ten! You know why a lot of people like the original Star Wars films? Because they saw them when they were ten!

I would actually be so bold as to say that four, five, and six aren't as good as most fans remember them to be. Certainly, they're a big part of Twentieth Century film. They're certainly better than the prequels, but not by the astronomical, near-mythical margin that fans have built them up. Lucas was just going to fail, it was predetermined.

If a fan could take off the rosy glasses of nostalgia, and we all know you can't, if they could they would see some of this, maybe not all of it because it's my opinion. I'm just glad someone with some film credentials finally said, "Stop spewing the bile."

wait people hate van helsing? I loved that movie. Yeah it was corny, but it was grade a corn.

I agree. I am pretty sure it is a similar situation. The movie didn't live up to the original character and lore so people raged all day and said it was a travesty when it was really a decent corny action movie. Everyone I know who didn't know who Van Helsing was before the movie liked it. I am convinced this is just a raging fanboy situation and no one has been able to give me a real reason it isn't.

I think it is kind of ironic that he would bring up Van Helsing as an example of a truly bad movie in a video about not being a blind raging fanboy.

Good points Bob....By the way, how was the 3D? I can understand every point of the haters and the "We're tired of haters guys". However, I kinda want to hear about the only thing they added to this movie.

Will you be my new best friend?

I've never had any problems with the prequels that I didn't have with the original trilogy. Seriously, the writing and acting in those weren't that great either. And I'm indifferent to the CGI Clone Wars stuff. I won't watch them under my own volition, but I'll accept whatever's established as canon.

My stance these days is that all the Star Wars movies are my favorites ever made, but not because of the movies themselves. They're my favorites because of the universe they've opened up. I've read some of the novels. I've played many of the video games, from X-Wing to TOR. I've made attempts at fan fiction and am contemplating a screenplay for a fan film.

What I love about the Star Wars universe is that it is just that. A universe. You can come up with stories about practically anyone and it has the potential to be interesting, whereas if you tried to make OC fan fiction of, say, the DC or Lord of the Rings canons, it's difficult and fairly uninteresting to make a worthwhile story about an original character. The Star Wars universe has a long history, most of which doesn't have anything established except on a broad scale. Plenty of room for creativity.

And as for the fans who are still putting effort into their grief, I just have five words for them: It's canon. Get over it.

I like how the episode has been up for 30 minutes and theres 3 pages of comments. Mostly bs from people that desperately wanted to comment before anyone else does. *sigh*

Anyway. Sorry Bob still disagree. No I'm not seething with hatred for this movie but no it's not mediocre. It's trash it really is. I've tried rewatching it many times and still find myself just skipping it and watch the other two. Those are mediocre. Phantom Menace for all it's special effects is just boring. JarJar is the most human of any of the characters. None of the plotting make any sense the decisions are dumb, the acting and fighting is even kinda phoned in. It's the kind of film I would just find something better to do, like sweeping, than watch.

I totally agree. Episode I is a guilty pleasure of mine if only because of the glimpse you get the wider, non-conflict ridden Star Wars galaxy. Once Episode II gets rolling everything is just a visual callback to the original trilogy, and everything centered around the Empire and Rebel military stuff. In Episode I you actually get to see what other stuff looks like, and what people do other than fight in conflicts on a galactic scale.

Also I did see it when I was a kid (before I turned 10 I think?) but also after I watched the entire trilogy on VHS (it was during the 90s "remastered" theatrical run) and so I didn't mind the Gungans, like at all. If you really think about, compared to the Ewoks they are sooo much better.


I hope even more people watch the Plinkett reviews now thanks to you :)

I tried too, but just like Jar Jar, I could not stand his fucking voice... oh by spongebob, I could not stand his awful, awful, stereotypical voice.

I listened to at least 7 minutes, and he made sense... But that could not keep his voice away. :(

Please do a cover of it, haha. ^^

I agree about the voice, also could've done without the supposed to be funny but also just kind of disturbing psycho intermissions.

I have to agree with Bob, just distance yourself from it. I did that not only with the movies but anything star wars in general. I refuse to watch any of the movies or shows, play any of the games or read any of the books.

The one big thing I noticed first off when it comes to the prequels is that it tried to really put the sci-fi into the series, the biggest (and most controversial example) being midichlorians. I don't think adding the concept of midichlorians was a bad thing, it was just highly unnecessary. It would have been a better explanation if they didn't connect one to the force, but rather they were just force-sensitive microbes; a tangential rather than direct measure of force sensitivity in a higher being.

The other aspect, and one I actually really defend, are the highly choreographed lightsaber fights. people seem to forget that the blade part is an energy beam. IT'S WEIGHTLESS. Fighters using a weightless blade would probably have a starkly different battle style than someone using a material sword. That, and force users likely have advanced perception of their bodies and their surroundings, making a very up close, high risk style of fighting actually feasible. I'd expect psychic acrobats wielding weightless laser swords to have very fast-paced, in-your-face, visceral battles as opposed to slow, controlled duels with heavier weapons.

Now, this doesn't take away from the lightsaber battles in the original trilogy, as the participants in those battles are older and/or physically handicapped, changing their fighting style. Obi-Wan vs. Vader was an old master vs. an slightly less old master in a life support suit. Luke vs. Vader I was a novice, vs. a crippled yet still formidable fighter. Luke vs. Vader II had Luke not only as his physical peak but now far more experienced.

Actually, thinking this way does detract from the prequels, as it turns Yoda jumping around like a monkey into a gaping plot hole, which does highlight the biggest problem; the glaring lack of consistency between the two trilogies. Sure, I didn't hate midichlorians and I liked the new lightsaber fights, but to institute those causes huge cohesion and consistency problems, a good example of how good ideas can turn horribly wrong if not implemented correctly.

Trying to explain things and put the sci-fi into Star Wars didn't work beause Star Wars is science fantasy. Explanations are unnecessary.

My only issue is that George keeps releasing updated versions of the original trilogies packed with parts from the prequels. No one asked for a Hayden Christianson cameo in Jedi. I was already sick of the added CG and extra scenes that do nothing for any of the films.

The Corsair!
The only thing I noticed during the whole review :P

I forgive the Phantom Menace on the principle that it has the single most badass lightsaber duel in the entire series, with an awesome soundtrack throughout the entire fight.

I'll be terribly honest here; as much as I hate Jar Jar, Luke and Threepio will always be more annoying.

Of course Episode 2 is the worst one, although in its defense sand IS annoying.

Let me start a slow clap in your honor, Bob. That was a hell of retrospective on a truly mediocre movie. Sure, I hated too, especially as a Star Wars fan, but it never quite deserved the hate it got.

Also, why did you have to bring up the Eragon movie? Now that is a horrid piece of crap that doesn't need to be mentioned ever again.

Honestly it's the 4-6 enhancement that's bothered me more than the prequels. The prequels were not handled well, but then there is no one forcing me to watch them. However if I want to watch the originals remastered for DVD I'm out of luck - it's either low quality or goofy CGI and lots of little Lucas tweaks. (This despite the footage being remastered in preparation for the enhanced edition, so most of the work has already been done.)

Thank you Bob for keeping a level head on this one, I have just got back from watching the Phantom menace my self and have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it, I have never seen any of the Star Wars films in a cinema (god knows why *shakes fist at god*) so the sceptical alone was awesome and me not existing when the originals came out meant that the prequels are what got me into Star Wars as a kid so I guess I have the same nostalgic view of them that older fans do...... I forgot my point, cheers Bob for reviewing it fairly. On a side note I hope cinemas make a more regular thing of re-releasing films, BTTF, then Jurassic park, now Star Wars, I am very much enjoying this.


Why the "preaching" that is too late to the party by more than 13 years, you could've wrapped it up in 2-4 minutes tops "It's mediocre but nostalgia makes it worse". Yes there are other reviews of the film on the net and this is not the other rant show but a review show. I don't always agree with your reviews but I use it to judge/evaluate if I might like a movie.

What I did want is to know what they did to the 3D (you know the part that they're presenting/selling/exploiting now) - and what did you say about that - NOTHING. Not even "3d looks ok", you said "3d" once maybe. Let me judge a movie that I already seen, but tell me if it the 3d is crappy or interesting or ANYTHING.

I also understand what you're a saying, even agreeing on most points, but seriously there was nothing about the addition of 3d. It might not be that important, in fact it isn't, but at least a mention would be nice.

I never hated the prequels, but on the other hand I never was much of a fan of the original trilogy.

I saw them as a kid, but never got into them. I liked my scifi scientific, and fantasy fantastical, I just didn't like the magical space setting. I preferred Star Trek.

So there weren't any major positive or negative feelings I associated with them.

The prequels had nice art, and cool action-scenes.
But in general, they weren't that good. Not really bad either.

Phantom menace: I was bored

Attack of the clones: This is my least favourite. I was just so confused at it. I think during the first movie I was bored so I didn't notice how little it made sense. During the second one there were many instances during which there was a lot of action and I was just so confused as to why things were happening...

Revenge of the Sith: My favourite of the prequels. It was funny, and I could enjoy it on the 'so-bad-it's-good' level. Also it helped I saw it with my friend who agreed with me, and we were laughing our asses off during it.

But I'm far more angry at this 3D release, because I HATE 3D, and I fear this will drag out the trend. Then again, maybe it will flop horribly and have an opposite effect.

Oh, I want to add my two cents. It is Star Wars after all!

This would be the one out of the prequels that I would go see if I had to see any. Even when it first came out, Phantom Menace to me was never that bad. And that lightsaber fight at the end--oh man that was epic. The Mediclorians or however you spell it a simply view as Qui-Gon coming up with something to make a child understand something he is too young to understand. And to get Anakin to leave him alone for a few minutes (yes I know that Yoda and Obi use the term too, but maybe they thought Anakin was listening. Be quiet!)
Now, Attack of the Clones...ugh. Boring. Too much lovey-dovey stuff. That huge battle at the end was cool, but to have to slog through the rest of the movie just to get to that was painful.
And then there's Revenge of the Sith. I can no longer watch that movie without shaking my head. So much wasted potential. So much canon shot in the head. That one, while not as boring as Attack of the Clones, is the worst out of the three for me. It is fun to watch with a group of friends and all discuss how it could have been better though.

Fully intend to see the originals when they come out, and I like both of the cartoon shows.

I liked the droids.

I love the prequels because of the Clone vs Droid scenes.

That space battle at the beginning of Ep3? That was an awesome bit too!

Wow, this has been what I've been saying myself for a while! I got over hating the prequels a long time ago, it's great to hear that Bob agrees, that is the closest thing to proof that I'm right I'll probably ever get.

I must have clicked the wrong link because i thought i was going to watch Escape to the movies and I ended up watching The big picture.

Is that some kind of space race?

i remember seeing it when i was a little, it didn't really wow me then, and it still doesn't now.
Though i am more interested in the costume design now.

People hated it? Ok good for them.
Me well whilst not seeing it as "the greatest movie ever" I watched back then and thought it was OK rather fun, at the time I saw it, and well it was a Star Wars movie AND I didn't see the first Star Wars back in '77, because for some reason I wasn't born yet... So I where somewhat less "tainted" by feelings...
And there will always be people who where born to see the "original" movie and then see the new and think it's crap because time changes. Does some peoples broken dreams about reliving childhood make the new movie bad? No. But let does people (fanboys/girls) whine whilst we continue living our lives like "normal" people do.

Still at least its not as bad as the Holiday special

Thank you, Bob!

I remember watching this movie while I was on a business trip in Austin, TX. I had no friends with me, so I saw it by myself (yeah, I braved the crowds) and my recollection of it was that I quite liked it! I hated "Annie" but the rest of it was fine.

I think that I learned to hate it because of the fanboy bile being thrown at it: Jar-Jar, the queen's shiny ship, the disparate technology levels established in the previous movies, midichlorians and all that crap. It made me realise first that MY movies had been tinkered with. But later it also made me realise that these were external influences on my opinion that had nothing to do with the movie itself. So I have been looking at it with fresh eyes again, ever since I introduced my two little sons to SW I have begun to love the SW universe again and to turn a blind eye and deaf ears to all the stupidity that lives on the internet

I don't like Star Wars at all and it's fanboys make me hate it. Grow up, get a job, and stop waving that hunk of plastic around thinking you look cool because you don't, in fact you look stupid. That being said, I am left to wonder why do we care that George Lucas re-released another movie in eye-blistering 3D? Why is it some big deal that Lucas 'retired' from film making when it seems like to me that he gave up on that years ago. Sci-fi is supposed to instill wonder in it's audience but star wars instills nothing but anoyance WITH it's audience.


What I did want is to know what they did to the 3D (you know the part that they're presenting/selling/exploiting now) - and what did you say about that - NOTHING. Not even "3d looks ok", you said "3d" once maybe. Let me judge a movie that I already seen, but tell me if it the 3d is crappy or interesting or ANYTHING.

Just so you know the 3d was about as good as you can expect as a 2D turned 3D film to be mediocre over all and some what visually appealing at best.

I've been saying that since TPM came out. Granted I was well read in the expanded universe at the time, (if you think the prequels were the worst thing to happen to star wars, read The Crystal Star, or sizable chunks of the Marvel comics sometime) so I had a high crap tollerance. I'm also the guy that points out we'd be making gay jokes about Artoo and Threepio, and questioning why they took the ship they knew was being tracked back to their secret base if A New Hope was made today, so I don't quite hold up the originals quite as high.

To me, this one at least suffered from one of the three main problems with prequels: it's an opener and can't be bigger and better than the finale. (the other two are preconceptions leading to prejudgement and forknowledge hurting suspense) I pretty much went in expecting it to be somewhat less epic than a run against a death star, and more about putting pieces in place, and it's pretty much what I got. The other two, those are topics for another day.

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