Escape to the Movies: The Phantom Menace 13 Years Later

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I'm not as big a SW fan as some, but it's true that as a standalone it's a pretty exciting movie. It's got those action sequences on land, air[space] and water, and cool choreography in the sword fights.

-This doesn't mean I'll be dishing out for a second ticket however.

I've never actually met a Star Wars fan that got as worked up over the prequels as MovieBob gets over Star Wars fans. He's probably come across more vocal and adamant fans than I have, but there's still some irony there...

I completely agree with what you said in this review.

Phantom Menace is not a bad film at all.

Podracing is awesome.
Darth Maul is awesome.
Liam Neeson and Ewan Mcgregor are awesome

Yes, the gungans are frustrating and kid Anakin isn't particularly amazing, but people go way OTT when complaining about it. I don't really need to say any more as it was summed up in the video - but I am definitely looking forward to the 3D version.

Anyone else notice he made no mention of the 3d, the entire point to this film... yea...

Either way, Darth Maul still uses my all time favorite weapon, so he gets a pass, the rest of the movie just annoyed me, never knew it was more hated than Episode 2 though, I always thought that one was the Holy Grail of bad to others

I completely agree with what you said in this review.

Phantom Menace is not a bad film at all.

Podracing is awesome.
Darth Maul is awesome.
Liam Neeson and Ewan Mcgregor are awesome

Yes, the gungans are frustrating and kid Anakin isn't particularly amazing, but people go way OTT when complaining about it. I don't really need to say any more as it was summed up in the video - but I am definitely looking forward to the 3D version.

Huh? He said that it WAS a bad film, just not the pure bile demon spawn everyone makes it out to be

I hate prequels in general because... I already know how it's going to end. I can't get past that.

I'm just not a big Star Wars fan. I like the first three (by which I mean episodes 4, 5 and 6), and Episode 3 was okay for what it was, but I'm just not a fan of the series. Maybe it's because I'm more into fantasy than sci-fi, maybe it's because what sci-fi I enjoy tends to be more reminiscent of the Trek side of the stars, but I just can't see myself getting excited for Star Wars.

I will say this, though, I wish they had made the fandub that changed the gungans language and Jar Jar's personality. I thought that was a good change.

Ohhh, this was good to hear, aside from enjoying the Mr Plinkett videos I decided a long ass time ago to more or less ignore the prequel movies and its nice to hear someone else suggest the same. Plus between the Genndy Tartakovsky shorts, games like Battlefront, KOTOR, The Force Unleashed (the first one not the second), and some other stuff I've probably missed, the good Star Wars stuff made in the last decade or so has VASTLY outnumbered the bad.

I wouldn't mind the prequals so much (Meaning I could pretend that they didn't exist.) if George didn't then use them as an excuse to make illogical and silly changes to the original trilogy.

Why do we have to wait until George dies to get the original cuts of the original movies in HD (or even in regular non VHS SD)?

That's the worst thing. Until prequal Anakin is removed from the end of Return of the Jedi and Han shoots first again I'm gonna keep bitching.

And the Lucas self justification reality distortion field keeps getting more powerful. "Red Tails was blocked by racists" yes George it's not that they didn't want to spend distribution and advertising of your shitty movie.

And now there's this:

Does Lucas has some sort of brain fungus or something? It sure would explain a lot.

With mental blocks in place for Jar-Jar and the words "Midi Chlorians," I can easily offer the opinion that Phantom Menace is probably the best of the prequels. I watch the second two movies entirely for the battle sequences, which got technically more proficient but continually more shallow as the movies went on (not including the duel between Kenobi and Skywalker, that was pretty much as awesome as we are going to get.)

My problem with the prequels is, essentially, the blockbuster representation of everything wrong with Star Wars in general: Lucas changing/adding scenes, the poor editorial oversight of the Expanded Universe to the point where entire series have had to be retconned, all of that.

And that's a big problem with me because I'm obsessed with canon. When I get into something, I want to get into all of it. This is why I can't get into most comics: no consistent canon. They keep bloody changing things. This is why, after reading over 100 Dragonlance books, I had to stop reading them; inconsistent canon. This is why I'm reading the Discworld books in publication order; full understanding of preexisting canon.

Sure, I can enjoy a one-off story, but it's so much better if I know everything that's going on and have a firm grasp of the setting. Destroy the setting by mangling the canon and I'm having a lot less fun. This is part of what makes Song of Ice and Fire so much fun to read: a minor mystery in the first book that is speculatively solved immediately isn't fully resolved until the third book, bringing current events into sharper focus.

That being said, while I despise the prequels for their failed realization of a childhood dream, they were merely a representation of the cancer that had been eating away at Star Wars canon for years, and I had already moved on to far, far greener pastures. I am not a bile-spewing Star Wars fanboy because it's just not worth it; there are far better series out there, and my time is better spent enjoying them.

So, to every bile-spewing Star Wars fanboy out there, go read:

The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss
The Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin
The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher
Honor Harrington by David Weber
The Death Gate Cycle by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
Discworld by Terry Pratchett

And everything written by:
Brandon Sanderson
Neil Gaiman
Michael Crichton
Isaac Asimov

The drawback of Starwars revisions and all that the fanbase is gonna go nuts over it either way good or bad.

That will make a profit only because they know people bitch about it. It will sell because everybody has a piece for it to say.

I'm kind of done sure i'll play and or still watch Starwars Thingy again but not in the near future.

wow! Im not the only one who is sick of people and that dam why the phantom menace sucks video!

I still think it isn't a very good film though.

My problem was it looks all shiny and cartoony for the kids but the subjects matters are more serious like trade issues etc for the adults. I think they should have left the prequels and done another original trilogy with all new characters separate to the originals. Using the books and games as a template.

I just stopped going to the prequels. Admittedly, it took me two movies to decide to do it, so I really only skipped the third one in theaters (and when I did later see it on TV - or how much of it I could stomach - I was certainly glad I did). So, I stick to watching the originals. On VHS.
Perhaps, after Lucas dies and the people who take over after him release the complete and original version (because there's a market for it and that's what businesses do after the "artist" dies) and they no longer have to worry about pleasing him, I'll get it on DVD, or whatever format it's on at the time, but I've got a working VCR and the complete original trilogy in its unaltered format. So I'm just covering my ears and going "LA LA LA LA!" to everything George Lucas does, because it's a lot less time consuming and painful to labor under the delusion that anything I do is going to fix it.

I never did think it was all that bad. I do however think the re-releasing it 3D is entirely superfluous though.

Agreed. I enjoyed the movie when I first saw it as a kid (though I saw the originals first like a good kid <.<) and with the perspective of time I just have downgraded my opinion of it. Nostalgia goggles aside, the movie is under par when compared to the originals but certainly not what episode 2 was...

I hope even more people watch the Plinkett reviews now thanks to you :)

I was half hoping for someone to actually leave that comment here XD

But yeah, hopefully Bob has led some people to see the awesome that is Plinkett's Star Wars reviews.

So what Plinkett said is true, Attack of the Clones IS worst than The Phantom Menace... and it's the worst thing since bagpipes!

I can't wait till episodes 7-9 come out and all the bawing starts alllll over again

Soviet Heavy:
I do think that It is better than Attack of the Clones, I'll give you that.

But if we're talking about the worst Star Wars film, that easily goes to this turd.

By god was this movie bad.

Oh god. I remember seeing that for one reason and one reason only: to see what locations might be made into maps for SW: Battlefront 3.

At the time, I really just saw it as Battlefront The Movie, and from that point of view there were a few things I liked, namely the vertical combat sequence and that the droids were essentially the dumb Nazis from an old world-war 2 movie. But yeah,it is completely meh in every other respect, except for that infuriating girl.

Wait, what was so horrible about Van Helsing? I can't remember it, which is never a good sign, but I don't remember it as an example of classicly bad movies. As I can't remember it I can't really argue for or against it, I'm just looking for someone to explain it?

However, I don't see how you can possibly say that episode 2 is the worst star wars movie. 3 is horrible in almost every way, there's no real reason for anything to happen in that movie except that it drives the plot, there's no investment in the plot or characters in any way. I actually thought episode 2 was the best of the prequels, it has its problems but it has by far the best music, and a lot of character development.

Can I just say, we're not all nerdy fan boys like you make all your viewers out to be. And I'm kinda insulted that you assume that we're like you. I for one am nothing like you, I actually liked the phantom menace, granted it wasn't the best movie but it was still good. So can you please stop generalizing your viewers into fat annoying fanboys like yourself. Thanks

Soviet Heavy:
I do think that It is better than Attack of the Clones, I'll give you that.

But if we're talking about the worst Star Wars film, that easily goes to this turd.

By god was this movie bad.

You said it yourself Bob.

And yet, what it kicked off is currently one of my favorite shows on TV. So even if it doesn't hold up as a movie, I'm still grateful that the movie was made because it attracted a lot of attention, which in turn caused many people to "check out" the show, which is now a huge hit with a very large audience, which allowed the writers to push the limits of what they can do with the series, which has made the show even better. :P

Didn't end with a frame from the remastered Return of the Jedi, I see.


Glad you brought the original animated Clone Wars anime up, they were great.

Well, can I still be angry at Matrix sequels? At least the 3rd movie, pretty please?

I was just really, REALLY, expecting you to cut in at the last second remembering midi-chlorians and that Mr Lucas had indeed fucked up this whole damn movie series with that alone.

Oh well, there, I said it for you! :)

I just think those are a fundamental mechanic to the fictional universe and if cannon, detract from the overall ...

Well, in the end, you are right, fan-boy hatred is, often (read: always) hand-ringing over who ruined a fictionalized childhood experience that has been enshrined in the rosy hue of imperfect hindsight.

I don't like the prequels but I'm not one of those fanboys who think their lives don't have a meaning anymore. To me those movies are just forgettable. But I am thankful for their existence because they are the reason why so many awesome Star Wars video games were released. As far as I'm concerned Lukas can make another trilogy, even worse than the last one if that's what it takes for me to get another Jedi Knight and Battlefront game.

I always thought that Phantom Menace was a decent movie. Sure, its not great but its not the worst (to me, the worst is episode 2). But then again I always liked episode 6 over episode 5, so apparently Im either wrong or just retarded.

So yeah. And since its being mentioned, I dont really care for Plinkett's review. Im sure he's great at what he's doing, but to me its just coming off as overly pretentious.

Considering I'd only seen the original trilogy perhaps 3-4 years before the phantom menace came out. I think I've perhaps got more objectivity on the matter than you.

I'm by no means a starwars fanboy, I wouldn't even put any of the films in my top 100 bracket for gods sake. But I did enjoy the first 3 films, quite a bit. But I certainly enjoyed the second 3 and everything that followed a whole lot less.

Not coming from that time you're talking about, and not holding that ridiculous baggage. I can hand on heart say the second trilogy was a dire disappointment and makes me question just how much involvement Lucas had in the original 3. Or perhaps more accurately, how much of his vision he could actually afford to make.

I think the classic status of the first 3 is born out of the compromises that where made. They removed the incessant shite that I suspect Lucas wanted to put in and left only what was necessary.

That man sure as fuck needs more 'no' people in his corner. People who aren't afraid to tell that idiot when he's adding too much. I've seen a few of the behind the scense vids. They all just tiptoe around the man like he could explode at any given second and wait to hear his opinion before giving theirs.

That's not good and I suspect his own hubris is the root of why the final 3 instalments and everything affiliated to them failed so hard.

I love The Phantom Menace. I actually love all of the Star Wars prequels. Now I can't think of anything else to say because someone distracted me. :<

Well, apparently I was five or six years old when I first saw The Phantom Menace, and for me, it was a pretty awesome movie. I'd already seen the other Star Wars movies (somehow, I find it hard to believe that I was exposed to that kind of violence at such a young age, and yet I wasn't allowed to get an Xbox for many more years), and this one stood up with the rest of them.
The way I see it, George Lucas wasn't making a movie for all the old fanboys, he was making a movie for their children. My dad loved Star Wars, and after The Phantom Menace, he passed the fandom on to me. Now that I'm older, my interest has waned, in favor of the Halo and Firefly universes, but I can still defend the new movies as a great way to get kids into the series.

Bob, I never "hated" Phantom Menace. It was just my least liked film of the entire series. Why? I just found it incredibly boring. Say what you will, that second act took up way too much of that movie for me to keep my interest in it. Third act was fine and the first act was competent. But having to be on Tatooine for that long, enduring Podraces, and what not. I suppose it's the same reason I never really cared for the original Star Wars, I just found it boring because I find Tatooine to be boring. But, that's just me. Hate, no. Live without, probably.

Doesn't do anything you say?

George Lucas recently retired from film-making and Star Wars especially. Why? Because the backlash by fans has been so bad about the prequels that he doesn't want to ever touch it again.

I mostly agree with you. First of all, I thought most people hated attack of the clones more than Phantom Menace I sure do. But my dislike of phantom menace comes down more to missed opportunities. Their were choices they made in phantom menace which were a little silly but fine within the movie it's self, but lead to elements in the 2nd and 3rd ones that suffered because of things they had to carry on with. Mainly the one thing that bothers me is Anikens age, not because the actor was mediocre (although he was) but because it created a lot of issues down the line, like how he seems to age 8 years in the time everyone else ages 2.

And did you really say that the first time Burton batman film is at the same level as this? The second one, maybe, but the first one is far better than this, partially since, while not perfect it actually has a halfway decent script and much better acting.

As a longtime fan of Star Wars I'm going to put this out there:

Star Wars is bigger than George Lucas and the 6 main movies.

The appeal of Star Wars isn't entirely in the story presented in the movies, it's in the detail of the universe where it becomes it's own genre. The Star Wars universe is big enough for people to have their own adventures in.

Look at how devoted people still are to Firefly, which is basically "The Han Solo Adventures" with an expanded cast and snappier dialogue minus the force and all of the aliens. There's still interest in Star Wars as a Science Fantasy genre if not in the actual stories Lucas wanted to tell.

Even if the prequels and the Clone Wars are a terrible mess of film they still work as a visual reference guide of ships, weapons, locations, and aliens.

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