Trailers: Lollipop Chainsaw - Nick Vignette

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Lollipop Chainsaw - Nick Vignette

True love transcends all obstacles - even decapitation.

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Well... That's just sick. Sick in a very good, entertaining and pleasing way.

Can't wait for that game.

"and isn't a perv like most guys"

You mean like everyone who plays this game, about a sexualized schoolgirl?:P

That Nick theme attacks scene is so typical of Goichi Suda since he tend to put some same or similar features that all of his games wil use at some point (in this case those Nick powerups is similar to when Travis got the right slots lineup after you kill someone in No More Heroes).

"isn't a perv like some other guys"

You mean like everyone who plays this game, about a sexualized schoolgirl?:P

It could be a lot worse; she could be like Bayonetta and be doing it deliberately. I get the feeling that here, she was just caught off guard during cheerleading practice and is just kind of ditzy about it.

Honestly, from the trailers I've seen, she's probably one of the tamest female characters to come from the genre - whatever you call the "oversexualized women in an action game" genre.

She's got a personality - she's ditzy but confident, and seems to care about saving the day. Neither she nor her boyfriend gave the impression of being stereotypes. And more importantly, she's not some smug mincing douche about what she's doing, unlike Dante, Bayonetta, or any other character Hideki Kamiya has ever dreamed up. I avoid his games like the plague because I'm sick of those Mary Sue morons who deal death with one hand and stifle a yawn with the other.

So yeah, I'm actually interested in this. The story is silly and the main character is unabashedly girly, but so what? It looks like a great zombie-slasher with a dash of light-hearted humor and it's a welcome relief from the slew of super-serious angry games like God of War. Honestly, ask how much I don't give a toss about Kratos the half-god perfect warrior who whines about how awful his unfair life is when he's butchering innocent women just 'cause he needs to hold a door open. Fuck him.

Well, that trailer made my day.

Its almost as if Suda51 saved up his acid stash during Shadows of the Damned, then took it all down at once for this.

I must say, the concept of this game is just stupid. But every trailer I see makes me want to play this game.

I...really don't know how to feel about this.

"How am i still talking without a fucking thorax?!" is, without a doubt, my quote of the day.

Well that was...something. I can't help but like games that are built with self-awareness in mind

asking a head to have babies with you.. now thats a low blow juliet

"I kinda sorta, fucking love you." Love that. Gotta use that one day.
Anyway I am kinda offput by the very concept since it reminds me of Onechanbara which was absolute garbage but fuck it. Its a Suda game. After playing Shadows of the Damned he can do whatever the hell he wants and I will buy it.
Shit, throw in a Johnson cameo and I will buy it twice.

One thing that does bug me is its release schedule.

NA April 24, 2012
JP May 10, 2012
EU June 15, 2012

I mean what the fuck?

Awesome~ Dat Suda 51 humour, dem refs (San Romero High, "How am I still talking without a fucking thorax?!" and the whole concept of Nick essentially being from H.P. Lovecraft's Herbert West: Reanimator, and the uber-cheesy schlocky 80s film of it)... this is gonna be one hell of a game. XD

I was curious before, and now I'm excited. It's like LSD remembered how much Suda 51 it's supposed to take per day, or it starts going mild. Nice to have him back after the (relatively) sober affair that was Shadows of the Damned. Oh, Suda, how we missed you.

Well, that trailer made my day.

Its almost as if Suda51 saved up his acid stash during Shadows of the Damned, then took it all down at once for this.

Well, what would you do after being relatively sober for awhile, cut off from your stash, being unable to touch it, knowing it was there?

Damn right you'd stick your face in that shit and take in as much of it in a single moment as possible. Then, after a quick breath, you'd do that shit again. Just to show your stash how much you missed it, and how much you love it, and how you feel miserable when it's not around, and how you'll never leave it again, you've learned from your mistakes, baby, just take me back, please, remember how much fun we had together?

What did I Just...I'm leaving.

I hate to use the same comment I used for the last trailer, but this one is just so much more appropriate.

Still interested, wonder if Travis Touchdown will make a cameo.

She has a human head on her belt, there's got to be an oral sex joke in there somewhere.

George Forman's Head: Interesting side note: As a head without a body, I envy the dead.

I love how crazy and upfront this game is. I would actually like to see a game where Goichi Suda has complete control and is not limited by budget or anything like that, it would be asbolutely amazing, but yeah I think I will buy this one^^

"and isn't a perv like most guys"

You mean like everyone who plays this game, about a sexualized schoolgirl?:P

she seems to be "of age" and ditzy in an almost likable way

I got no problems from this trailer..looks interesting

Love it... Both characters actually seemed quite wellmade and interesting, even if their appearence is the stereotypical "jock and cheerleader".

I can clearly see some hilarious banter between those 2 throughout the entire game. :D

Getting more and more excited about this game. And yes, it does seem like Suda51 found his acid bucket again after shadows of the damned.

"How am i still talking without a fucking thorax?!" is, without a doubt, my quote of the day.

Ditto, I think Nick is already my favorite character. (Mostly due to zombie game protagonists often having near-lethal cutscene stupidity, but let's hope didn't-catch-her-name doesn't follow that particular trend.)

I like how he's positioned so if you try and stare at her ass you also end up with her boyfreind staring at you XD

Looks like a funny game... but i'm kinda sick of zombies and i really wish, Suda would do another No More Heroes.

Can I just say, I love you Goichi Suda.


This is just too good.

That is a valid question, how CAN he talk without a torax?

Your sidekick = Your boyfriend.
That's genuenly novel for a videogame.

I...I...nope, can't comment on this. I just can't. I've NEVER played a Suda 51 game, and I'm frightened 0___0. Am I tripping out? Is everything going to be ok or are we all going to die?

(that being said, I really want this game to work out lol. It's zombies...with cheerleaders...and jocks...and a crapload of drugs)

Holy shit... that looks so entertaining... And I'm not even a fan of the genre.

I would play for the dialog alone...

why aren't romantic comedies these days more like THIS?

Cheerleader girl, CHECK
Chain saw, CHECK
Talking head, Check
Money... CHECK!~

kicking your BF's head(face)? wow nice...

The fact that Suda has blended the most iconic 80s stereotypes with his style makes this game a must buy on release.

I kindof want games to feature the American decade's culture. Maybe not the best idea, but how interesting would it be to see game designers' view of the 70s and 80s?

This game looks pretty great, I love Sudo51's stuff. I might even consider getting a PS3 for this (well, and for the shitload of other PS3 exclusives, but this might be the pushover. This, or Skullgirls if the PC release gets botched somehow).

You gotta wonder how the conversation went while he was trying to sell this game. If you came to a western studio like EA or Activision, they'd laugh your arse right back out the regardless of your pedigree, but as over the ridiculous as it is...

I want this game, I really want this game....

i thought this was gonna be pretty dumb until nick started talking now it seems hilarious.

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