Media Sandwich: Media Sandwich Episode 6

Media Sandwich Episode 6

This week Egoraptor joins them for zany antics.

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Good lord, I shouldn't have laughed when I heard the "Holocaust/oven" joke, but I did! I'm going to Hell for that! :(

This was definitely a really good episode.

I think pretty much any of the other Escapist contributors could be cool to have on the podcast

Another thing I wanted to comment on...

"Anyone can win at Mario Kart, and that shouldn't be the case!" I get the feeling that Nintendo realizes that, and just wants to make it so that any loser could win that game with a bit of luck, so that no one has to feel all elitist about it. Same for Super Smash Bros. I hate tripping, though, even if I "get" that it adds to the chaotic nature that the game is supposed to have.

But yeah, then there's the lightening bolt in Super Smash Bros. God DAMN did I hate that it makes you shrink or it makes everyone else bigger! WTF were they thinking? That never happened in Mario Kart, so why here! Yeah, looking back, there were a lot of dick moves, in that Nintendo and Masahiro Sakurai basically did all these things just because they could, and that's... really stupid.

Mentioned this on Twitter, but I'll put this here too: have you thought of asking Linkara about being a guest on the podcast, trying to get a little more comics coverage in the podcast?

Though, really, anyone from TGWTG would probably be good.

Gitaroo Man respect! yo!

You guys should get Neil Gaiman.

You guys should try to get some major Youtube content creators on your show. I would be so happy if you guys got to interview Dom Fera or Tom Ska.

Obvious people to ask: LRR and Rooster Teeth. Kevin Smith claims he's a media whore, maybe he'll be willing?

Well, anyway, that was pretty funny. Great stuff!

I have this image early on of master shake speaking with egoraptor's voice in this.

You can't comment with us lowly escapist users, eh? Can't you just use Firefilm?

Vinegar Sandwich sounds good, especially if the bread already has turkey, lettuce, tomato, and pickles. But hey, there's already pizza bread, so why not a Vinegar sandwich. Besides, bread with vinegar already in the mix would taste interesting by itself.

As for how Egoraptor got his name, that's his story but it's not necessarily true. You would have to ask the person who gave the name to him to get the true story. To me, it sounds more metaphorical like Egoraptor would do anything for his ego, possibly too much for it (possibly saying to Arin Hanson to be careful how you approach using your ego because you may get in trouble for it and/or if you don't want to hold back your ego, at least get caution, empathy, and wisdom to back it up).

For Nintendo, as to why the company hasn't made dream games like the Mario Kart you guys were talking about earlier, it may be too much work for them to do. To emphasize, Nintendo would have to re-resolute the graphics of the previous maps in the Mario Kart series and expand the maps to add new interest to them. Why do they have to do this? Because they want to get on the good side of critics, fans, and gamers alike.

Are we sure THIS is the episode we want Nathan Fillion to see? It gets better later but the start might lose him....

cricket chirps:
Are we sure THIS is the episode we want Nathan Fillion to see? It gets better later but the start might lose him....

Yeah I thought that too. I can just imagine him sitting at home with his shirt off (hey it's my imagination and I can picture him any way I want) and listening to this Podcast to see what the fuss is about, and then hearing about how Quizno's catered for the Holocaust.

Love the episode, and the podcast. I'd like to definitely add my voice to those asking for people from That Guy With the Glasses to come on the show. Hopefully Doug, Spoony, or Linkara. Spoony'd make an awesome guest.

Talking about ultimate editions why not take ALL of the pokémon and put them into one game?

I miss this podcast like I miss Egoraptor's Sequelitis. The difference being you guys can bring this back, while Ego is busy singing crudely humorous songs and hosting Game Grumps.

Talking about ultimate editions why not take ALL of the pokémon and put them into one game?

Heck yeah! I'd pay full price (and a subscription fee under $10/month if it's massively multiplayer) for an all-regions, all-Pokémon game. Here's for holding onto that hope and the hope of a regular Pokémon game in HD at least.


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