Happy Action Theater Review

Happy Action Theater Review

The grand experiment mostly succeeds.

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Watching the video was totally worth it just to see the Escapist staff acting like such children!

Although impressive from the outset, this looks like the sort of "game" that could become boring pretty quickly. The Kinect interaction and resulting feedback seemed to be pretty accurate, just a shame its useage was so limited.

Hopefully all these pointless Kinect releases will be the building blocks of the totally epic Kinect based games of the future. This is remarkable tech but I'm yet to see anything particularly impressive done with it in a gameplay sense.

This reminds me a lot of Wario Ware Inc. for GameCube, the game is cool to play with some friends, but once you've burned through the microgames for the nth time, it starts to get a bit boring, I kinda see that same thing happen with this game, lots of fun for a while, then you'll ever rarely want to play it again.

Other than that, I think this is the most amusing review The Escapist has ever done.

I never heard of this one before, then again, I don't check the Double Fine ACTION news page as much as I used to.

Wow. That's the first thing that made me want to buy xbox. Looks totaly cool.

Aww, you guys never high-five'd in the fireworks game, that makes explosions and stuff...

Might want to add this to the recommendation: Do not take Acid while playing this game. That "tripping balls comment" was while sober. We have no intention of trying this shit out while high.

This game seems like the only game that actually need the Kinect and isnt used as some gimmick that could have worked better with just a controller

This game seems like the only game that actually need the Kinect and isnt used as some gimmick that could have worked better with just a controller

My thoughts exactly.

While in no way would I go out and buy and xbox and kinetic for this title, if I already had them I'd be throwing my money at the screen for this.

Good job Double Fine!

You've got to love doublefine. They came up with (in my opinion) the best use I've seen of kinect so far - this actually looks like fun! I probably wouldn't buy it myself, but they looked at the technology and what it would be good at, and designed software around that.

This shouldn't be such a hard thing for developers to figure out really.

Let's not stretch the borders of 'video game' too wide. There's enough interactive electronics crammed in there already.

Even if its not exactly a "game", I think this is a really encouraging development. Its good to see that developers are getting the hang of making the kinect actually work. I'm still waiting for a game to come out that actually makes me want to shell out for the kinect, but its good to see more and more games that make me say "if I had one, I'd totally play this."

Greg Tito:
Happy Action Theater Review

The grand experiment mostly succeeds.

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I appreciate The Escapist giving such a long and thorough review to what is, in no uncertain terms, a "kids' game." It really speaks to the variety of perspectives you folks offer. Additionally, it really speaks to a few of my own current ideas regarding play (and how we're just not doing enough of it).

Also, holyshitthefloorislava.

I really love what this thing is. I think time and time again the Kinect has proven itself to be a terrible tool for a "game" (except for dancing, apparently). This "game" understands that though, and just focuses on the awesome craziness that such a device can bring about with no consequences for "losing". I would totally get it if I had a Kinect. I've become a huge fan of what Double-Fine has been doing in just the last couple years.

Giantbomb had a great demonstration video of it too, with Tim Schafer included! http://www.giantbomb.com/quick-look-ex-double-fine-happy-action-theater/17-5567/

I'd actually like to see if small kids (Ages 2-5) responded well to this program. Or would kids be equally bored or even frightened of some senarios?

I just grabbed this the other day for my 5 year old son. He freaking loves it! It is totally a game for kids. I will say however that my wife and I did have a great time playing it with him. The lava and the wacky dance portions are by far the most fun and my son leans towards those "toys" more than the others. He does have a blast with all of them though and he is constantly nagging me to play it with him. He has a 9 year old female friend that loves to play it too. Good family fun for sure! Oh I bet it's a riot at parties too. :)

You see THIS is how to make Kinect tools; Double-Fine have obviously had a lot of ideas regarding the attachment and thought "Hey lets package this together and just let folks have fun!". It does what it sets out to do and (thankfully) double fine makes a whole other range of none toy software to have us not worry this is made by a team chained into making kinect software.

Its nice just to see a bunch of creative ideas for the kinect even if they could do with some development.

Now I want to play the floor is lava game.

Leave it to Double Fine to make something genuinely interesting for the Kinect.


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