Mahalo: Star Wars The Old Republic: Jedi Consular

Star Wars The Old Republic: Jedi Consular

Follow the Jedi Consular down his path.

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Other than slightly higher video quality, this has all the faults of the previous SWTOR effort from these guys. Please don't waste bandwidth with any more :)

Oh look, cutscenes. Dialogue. Conversation.

What an insightful video. I never knew games had these.

Why? Who was the monkey who signed them to The Escapist? Their YouTube channel felt cheap and crappy, and why would you want to bring that to what's supposed to be the mouthpiece of the gaming generation. What's supposed to be one of the best magazines out there about the gaming lifestyle. Please, Escapist, if you care at all for your image, get this piece of shit off of the site. Let's leave the crap on YouTube where I can easily ignore it. Not here, where I can see links to it everywhere.

You want to be a mouthpiece? A good mouthpiece doesn't have shit flying out of it whenever it's used.


Mahalo, please direct your attention to my comments on the Jedi Knight video. I feel the exact same way about this one and to even put the effort into copy-pasting feels like a waste of my time.

Dear Escapist,

please remove these pointless and boring videos from your site.
This is bad for your reputation.

Thank you.

Well that was about as interesting as a fart in a handbag. Why do the Mahalo videos exist?

i said i was done with his videos after i saw the last one, so i did not watch this.
it seem it was the right move by looking at the comments
so in other word minutes of my life not wasted

I don't get you people, these videos show the story and dialogue for swtor classes. As someone who does not own the game I think they are telling me precisely what I need without all the gameplay filler I can find in any other video.


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