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Most Overrated Game

Final Fantasy VII versus GoldenEye 64.

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Furthermore, while FFVII is again cool to hate on and has diminished its brand by being spread into as many spin-offs as the source material allows, the original game stands out as being the first of its kind. RPG's existed before FFVII, but 3D RPG's did not.

I challenge this assertion, sirs. It's true that FFVII was the first 3D RPG, but since RPGs are so grounded in abstraction, that wasn't much of a change. Mario 64 had a completely different formula than earlier Mario games, since 'go towards the right' would no longer work in a 3D environment, so being the first 3D Mario platformer was a big deal. Ocarina of Time would was maybe 95% the same play-wise as the 2D installments, but there were a few times where the game took advantage of the 3D: for instance, the very first boss crawls up to the ceiling and you have to hit it while it's there. That simply would not be possible under a 2D isometric view. FFVII, though? Combat is mostly selecting stuff from a menu, and exploration is just walking around looking at stuff, and the 3D environs would just mean it's a layer of abstraction less between 2D representation of something in a screen and 3D comprehension of that area. It's not the game's fault as much as a thing of its genre, but that's how it goes.

I'm surprised there's no mention of WoW. I mean, I play it and like it, but I could see the argument here.

I would probably sit on the Halo side of the fence for this argument.

15 year old game spoiler alert!

Final Fantasy 7 is definitely the more overrated game. I got it off psn a few years ago because I figured I'd see what the fuss is all about, since I've never played it before. Honestly, most of the time I just wished it would end.

Battle system was boring and annoying, the active time battle system is the dynasty warriors of rpg battlesystems: you just mash the attack button on anything that isn't a boss, and doesn't allow for strategy when it's rushing you to pick a command as fast as you can. And as it was said in the video, the only difference in characters is really their limit breaks and stat increases, and those with bad stat increases (Yuffie) and/or bad Limit breaks (Cait Sith) aren't really worth using.

All the villains (except for maybe Rufus, who I felt should have played a larger role in the story) were flat, generic villain characters. The main, villian, Sephiroth, doesn't even have enough backstory to tell the audience whether he was less of a psychotic, cold-blooded killer before he found out about his origins. He was a working for Shinra, so who knows if he's the reason why there's only like 10 human towns/cities in the entire world.

There were 2 decent characters in FF7: Barret and Red XIII. Both actually had development, in that Barret learned important lessons about leadership and responsibility, and Red XIII learned about responsibility and growing up. Tifa and Aerith had no personality to speak of. That's it. There's nothing more to say about them, other than the fact that unconditional kindness toward your friends is not a realistic way in which anyone acts. Yuffie and Cait Sith were so obnoxious, and just didn't have any redeemable character traits. You'd at least think the psychic guy controlling Cait Sith would've talked more seriously and maybe control a battle mech instead of a puppet at the end of the game, but no,he sticks with the puppet and the obnoxious way of speaking through to the very end. Why Yuffie? She steals your stuff. Twice. Vincent first appears randomly, never has anything important to say, and his basckstory is revealed when you don't really care about him anymore and have kinda forgot about him. Cid's personality is cursing an generally being an terrible old man.

And finally, Cloud,has 3 personalities throughout the game, and the shifts between them make little sense. First, he's Han Solo, basically. After part of Midgar is destroyed and Barret's team is wiped out, he becomes a sad panda. He gets to be an even sadder panda as he finds the truth about himself and Aerith dies. It takes a coma to finally turn him into William Wallace, charismatically giving final speeches before the team marches toward their final battle.

The overall story is ok, but it doesn't have a conclusion. Sure, the world is saved from immediate danger, but what about all the "We can't use the planet's energy to play videogames anymore" argument at the beginning of the game? The planet's still (though perhaps not very explosionally) doomed. Did Barret continue his eco-terrorist ways? Did anyone else join him? The final cg movie is only more confusing, showing midgar conquered by nature 50 years later. Did mankind abandon technology? Or did they all die out? Did they just pack up and move their planet-sucking city somewhere else? We'll never know, whether due to lack of time, spinelessness to take a position, or just bad writing.

Point is, the game is imperfect. Even if it holds up to modern jrpg standards, (I'd argue it doesn't, after playing the SMT persona games) most other genres have improved a lot and are a lot more fun than this game.

I don't think either were overrated both were really fun.

If I had to choose I would of said goldeneye though but because perfect dark was waay better.

FF7 had a beautiful story in a well imagined world, it was like playing a book. I think all the ff series have had excellent stories especially 8, I don't think I could choose between 7 and 8 tbh but 8 was a lot more polished due to the attention 7 got. 9 was again very different in terms of story and feel. while the combat systems have always been the same the story is why you played them.

I loved 10 as well, not as much as the other 3 I didnt think it had the same charm but was still pretty great. stopped playing them after t hat the whole 10 2 thing turned me off as I enjoyed the way they were all individual worlds etc. gunna try 13 soon cos it will be cheap.

How about the original X-COM: UFO Defense? Maybe not as interesting since it's less well known to most gamers. But man, people who love that game LOVE that game, and man, is it infuriating. The possibility of your squad being wiped out simply by bad luck, plus being unable to finish the game without getting lucky and randomly finding a live alien commander, plus simply being a grind that doesn't change much over the course of a play-through, might make it a realistic UFO invasion simulator, but it doesn't make it a fun game.

"Halo being a strong contender (to be fair, it was Kyle's original choice for overrated game but didn't want to seem cliché)"

So, you threw out a fairly common option because many others have thought of it before....Seems a fairly poor method of selecting your choices.

I'm suprised Dan didn't use this episode/article to just go on a pedestal to declare that "Everything from Japan is bad and thats why FF has been the worse series ever since the first one for the NES."

Kudos to him.

One note about Goldeneye. It didn't pioneer a lot of FPS features but it was groundbreaking in that it showed the FPS was a viable genre on the console. Even more than that it showed that multiplayer FPS games were fun - prior to this the PC was the only place to play FPS games.

The big irony is that the groundbreaking console FPS came out on a Nintendo system - a company that is now seen to have not properly embraced online multiplayer as they should.

How about the original X-COM: UFO Defense? Maybe not as interesting since it's less well known to most gamers. But man, people who love that game LOVE that game, and man, is it infuriating. The possibility of your squad being wiped out simply by bad luck, plus being unable to finish the game without getting lucky and randomly finding a live alien commander, plus simply being a grind that doesn't change much over the course of a play-through, might make it a realistic UFO invasion simulator, but it doesn't make it a fun game.

This holds true for a lot of games from the time though - they were punishingly hard (often to the point of frustration). So when it came out most gamers didn't notice it being especially difficult.

In fact Xcom was easier for a lot of us to play than most others in the same genre: Strategy games tended to be overly complex and, often, you needed to read the manual before even attempting to play. X-com was, by comparison, very intuitive and most of the mechanics could be worked out by the average 15 year-old (like me and my friends).

In today's context the mechanics aren't intuitive and the gameplay is difficult but if those are your sole criteria for declaring an old classic to be over-rated then most highly praised games from yesteryear fall into the same category.

sorry double-post for some reason (why?)

Golden Eye beats a game full of androgynous boys with the kind of hair you get when you put your finger in a socket.

FF7 wins hands down. It's not that great a game, 8 was heaps better =D

But you could actually have fun for hours upon hours with Goldeneye's Multiplayer =D

This argument makes me sad, both where great games and GoldenEye 64 for all it's worth is still one of the few if not the only video game based off a movie to be awesome. I grew up on them and they where the only games I could afford at the time off of my allowance or what I earned from my first job, or got at Christmas for that matter. Gamers now have it good.

Bake this thread in the oven for 20 minutes on gas mark 4 and you shall have the tastiest flame pie.

One mans overrated is another mans favourite.

I'll put a vote in for Half-Life 2 being highly overrated, though I still enjoyed playing it.

The problem with the two main games is that they're both still fun to play, but I for one had a much more enjoyable experience with Goldeneye, and it presented more of a challenge than FF7. (unless you did a no-materia run, then you sir are mad)

I would rate Ocarina of Time above both, and Halo as last.

Though to be fair, all five games are quite fun.

all retro games ever.
im sorry but im relatively to gaming and every retro game ive ever played has been horrible compared to today's games but people act like they were part of a golden age and mark the pinnacle of how good gaming was and all games made since were inferior like game makers forgot how to do it or something
in truth retro games are bad and id rather play any AA/AAA game made last year than any retro game you can recommend

How about the original X-COM: UFO Defense? Maybe not as interesting since it's less well known to most gamers. But man, people who love that game LOVE that game, and man, is it infuriating. The possibility of your squad being wiped out simply by bad luck, plus being unable to finish the game without getting lucky and randomly finding a live alien commander, plus simply being a grind that doesn't change much over the course of a play-through, might make it a realistic UFO invasion simulator, but it doesn't make it a fun game.

It's fun... once you get past the steep learning curve that is.

Huh? So Dan, essentially the reason you decided FFVII was the most overrated was because you haven't played it and you enjoyed Goldeneye.

How about next time get a judge that has played both or neither of the games, rather than only one to ensure an unbiased decision?

Incidentally, both were groundbreaking pinnacles of the systems they were released on and neither is overrated.

The problem when sayin a game is overrated is that for older (retro) games you're taking it out of context from the time it was released so both FF7 and Goldeneye if applying present standards are both overrated. However trying to judge it when they were 1st released they were both ground breaking. FF7 pretty much launched the franchise into the rest of the world. Before you start saying that the earlier one's were better (matter of opinion), FF7 brought attention to the series from a much larger audience than the usual crowd.

I think 1 of the oddest conversations I had from school was a former bully of mine asking (politely) for some help with the game.

Goldeneye was great fun playing with mates in the living room (goddamn you golden gun and rocket launchers) without having to deal with the online crap that you would with todays games though I had a preference for Timesplitters 2 and the evil monkeys.

Wow surprise surprise people are using this as a beat stick for FF 7. It has gotten to point where people bitch about it so much about not being great that it is no longer over rated. Well the Escapist hating FF VII that is nothing new. Seriously go onto a thread about FF you get more hate for FF VII than any other game and people love to point out how they are so original for liking a Final Fantasy that is not 7 and how for some 7 was the downfall, 9 is better, 8 is more polished, 10 is the shit and 7 just had emo.

I'm surprised that you guys were surprised at Half-Life 2 being considered overrated.

Apples and oranges. FFVII is a story, Goldeneye is a game. You can rate a game quite quickly by either playing it and seeing if it was fun, or by watching someone playing it and seeing if they are having fun. To tell if a story is great you need to really get into it. And if you don't get it even that doesn't make it "not great" it could just not be for you. I never really got Dickens - that doesn't mean his work isn't great, just that I'm not a fan.

So, FFVII is straight up awesome. I played it when it came out, I've played tons of RPGs since and I played it again recently and it was every bit as good as I remember, and better. The game mechanics are now outdated and yeah there are some things that aren't perfect, but if you are playing an RPG for the game mechanics you are never going to be having fun, stop wasting your time!

FFVII presents an epic story of love and tragedy in a whimsical fantastic world. It doesn't explain everything and not everything makes sense, but that is the point - it is fantasy. And not Lord of The Rings, everything mapped out and detailed to the Nth degree fantasy, but Alice in Wonderland, Narnia or Grimm's Fairytales fantasy where weird stuff happens and you just deal with it and see where the story goes.

So no, FFVII doesn't give you a detailed and consistent world filled with fleshed out mock-realistic / gritty characters like many other RPGs. But what it does do is evoke emotions and entertain and excite (if you are the right kind of person) and it does that better than pretty much any other game I can think of.

The answer is all there in the fact that one of the playable characters is a remote-controlled robot cat / giant moogle combo that uses a megaphone as a weapon and is also a spy. Either you are the kind of person who wants their game designers coming up with stuff like that, or who wants them balancing the multi-player maps to the nth degree or writing back-story for the shopkeeper in uninteresting town No10. I want more cat-robots.

Guy Jackson:
I'm surprised that you guys were surprised at Half-Life 2 being considered overrated.

But HL2 isn't overrated either. It made game developers realize that you can be in your character all the time while still telling the story. It did that very well too. They introduced one the most fun weapon in a game, The Gravity gun. This baby could make you save ammo like mad and it's kinda game breaking in way. BUT when you can throw Saw blades at zombies such points get nullified. :D

As for the two other game. Neither Golden Eye or Final Fantasy 7 are overrated.

They deserve the praise they get.

FF7 pretty much kicked off the whole jRPG thing and super sized swords. It was also quite fun to play when you first played it back when it was released.
Having bosses with 1 million HP was also a new thing. Made the last bosses look like kittens.
Random encounter isn't a thing I'm bothered by but this was generally because of hardware limitation. Still some people enjoy this random encounter system.

The story at the time was rather new what I can remember. You also had the last boss character in your party just being awesome and killing enemies in one hit which is rare for newer games to do. Actually I don't think any of them do it.

It had at least 40 to 60 hours of gameplay. It just isn't a bad game and neither is it overrated. The music was also very well done and at the time had the best boss battle music to exist. Very few games comes close to making such a good boss battle music. THIS is how you do a boss battle music. For the last boss you got Sephiroth theme which just really show that it's the last fight.

Not to mention the game spawned some of the most impressive fight scenes for gamers to view in their newer titles.
Also the Advent Children movie. Unreal? Damn right. Fun? Damn right.

For Golden Eye we got the first good Console FPS game that was actually a lot of fun to play. It's also arguably one the best Movie game out there. Had TONS of weapons too. This was a nice thing because you had the chance to play around.

Aiming was also pretty neat. I often felt more at home with a N64 gamepad than a 360 or PS3 gamepad when aiming in a console game.
The game itself as a console shooter is still good. While the AI can't shoot unless you're in sight without cover it's because to make the game somewhat easier. Without it they would shoot you all the time.

So it's there due to balance. It's also really really hard on those later stages.

They wouldn't be so highly talked about if they wasn't that good. They both set the bar for their genre something which should be respected.

FF7 is immensely overrated today. Goldeneye was just forgettable after a time because FAR SUPERIOR shooters arrived after them, and perhaps more relevant, is that the market is positively flooded with them now.

JRPGs? They've fallen on hard times.
But FF7 was a catalyst of not only Sony's meteoric rise above Nintendo (altering gaming history as we know it quite profoundly), but also one of the pillars in nerd culture that would later devolve into full-blown "Japanophilia".

Really, even just a decade ago, JRPGs were HUGE games to watch for. Even niche' titles like .Hack, Suikoden, Xenosaga, and "Tales-of" (niche outside of Japan, mind you) had solid followings despite living in the shadow of Squaresoft/Square-Enix.

But by today's standards, FF7 is a very fractured, convoluted storyline made immensely worse by the shameless pandering Squeenix did.

Though we've moved beyond FF7, it's still the foremost example of "overrated" in my mind today.


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