Feed Dump: Hot Nurses and Pregnant Chimps

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Hot Nurses and Pregnant Chimps

Graham and his hats put on a one man show.

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I thought the focus was off and then you pointed out you were alone... I'll say great job knowing that.

Felt so much like Phailhaus to have Graham alone on camera... and boo to the rest of the crew and friends for not helping out!

Also this epsiode is going to kill the people in the Hat Market game.

I can imagine the headlines now. "Scetch comedy leader murders his crew because of strange abondonment issues."

Dont lie you can see that Stark is about to snap.

"Kiss my hair-less arse, because I've got some pokemon to play."

I laughed so hard at that line.

(I mighta paraphrased a bit)


"Fuck Science...."

I thought it was actually a really good episode, good job Graham. Boo everyone else!

Let give an applause to Graham for his one man show version of today episode!
Did the others get ill or something? That would make that past LRR episode (where everyone got ill except for Matt) somewhat ironic.

I chuckle at the chimp part that the down side if anyone actually did it with a chimp.

Felt so much like Phailhaus to have Graham alone on camera...

I was just going to say the same. Was very much like Phailhaus different set though and more hats.

When Graham said nobody else was in today's episode I was worried that it wasn't going to be all that funny. Glad to see I was proven wrong, I actually laughed a lot.

For those of you wondering about the venomous snake requirements for proper labels I will explain it.

English Name of Snake
Genus and Species of Snake
Quantity of snakes in pen
Information about snakebite results and location of nearest antivenom. The antivenom is usually kept on site.

"My fucking hero" indeed.

Lost poisonous snakes? Did he check in the fridge? Sometimes when I lose something, it shows up in the fridge.

Not nearly enough hats this episode :(

Poor Graham, it looks like if he was alone for a week he may go crazy. On the plus side we would have some epic videos to watch

Sorry, Graham. I watched a minute and twenty seconds, then gave up. It just feels so empty without at least two other people there. And while I appreciate that the acoustics were non-existent in this episode, the timing of that fix was poor because it made the video feel even emptier.

Graham Stark and his Dancing Hats...

Are they playing alongside Conrad Poohs and his Dancing Teeth?

Off Topic: Distorted Stu...I HOPE that trainer isn't playing a Nuzlocke challenge...

Why oh why was this episode so good? I was worried when I heard it was only going to be one person. But I must say he really hit it out of the park. Well done sir! Tell the rest to kiss your hairless arse because you sir made the best episode to date.

Oh wow, how did Graham manage to get the TF2's "Towering Pillar of Hats"? Must be a promotional thing...

Congratulations Graham for managing to make this just as entertaining as usual despite being completely alone.

OK, can we start a fund to get LRR a full set of hockey equipment? They're Canadian for maple syrup's sake! Also, LRR hockey jersey would be pretty awesome.

No offence to the rest of the LRR crowd, but this episode was really, really entertaining.

Though that could be the schadenfreude of watching a man slowly go insane on camera talking.

I agree. I feel certain that LRR must be in violation of some sort of Canadian law not having at least one hockey helmet, let alone one for each cast member.

I hate to break it to Graham, but it's unlikely that Feed Dump is the only source for news with a douchey jesters cap, those things are far too common, as are the douchey jesters sitting under them.

And finally, this story: http://boingboing.net/2012/02/28/wyoming-state-reps-propose-bil.html
(Unless it's too recent to have made this week's taping, in which case no one read it, so they can use it next week. When there better be some panelists or Graham will have to call in the 13-year-old hockey referee to establish some discipline.)

Poisonous snakes? Just don't eat them, problem solved. It's the venomous ones you need to worry about.

Okay, when I saw the 'News' superimposed on 'Hues', all I could think of was Huey Lewis & the News. I'm going to be singing "The Power of Love" all day now.

Also, I am quite surprised and pleased at how well it turned out with only Graham.

EDIT Sorry, double post.

Is godlike!
Also jester-hats would make news funnier.

Ejecting a player, a parent, and a fucking coach?
That kid deserves a medal.

Best one so far!

What does one say that doesn't sound kind of pitying? "Wow, Graham sure put on a great show for having to do so all by himself?"

I mean, he really did- I think his writing was awesome- but I couldn't help but suspect the tinges of resentment were quite real.

Thanks for going out there for us, Graham. Hope the rest of the team pitches in better next week.

When you start the video talking to furniture, you know the video will be used as evidence in your commitment hearing.

Seriously, it was like watching a highlights reel of a man spending a month in an isolation chamber. F-cking hilarious...

How could there be more important things to do than Feed Dump?
This one was a fun little change-up. Harkens back to the days of The Whatever Thing and Phailhaus.

I had a few good laughs at this episode, but I'm mostly impressed that you took the initiative to film this yourself and get it out on the day it's supposed to be out. Kudos on your work ethic Graham. A lesser man would've let LLR fans go hungry for another week.

Seriously, I'm quite impressed.

Ha this had a weird Age of Stupid kinda vibe to it. Like Graham is some lone survivor in a post apocalyptic wasteland keeping entertained but trying desperately to be heard.

Grant, proving that he's still awesome even when he has to play his jokes off an empty couch.

many laffs were had...well done Graham.

Is it weird that Graham can pull off a one-man show while staying awesome throughout the entire thing?
No? Graham, you're awesome <3

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