Trailers: I Am Alive - Launch Trailer

I Am Alive - Launch Trailer

What a novel idea to have an apocalypse sans zombies.

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Anyone else had the first thought: Ah, Fallout 3 ?

Anyone else had the first thought: Ah, Fallout 3 ?

Actually, my first thought was "exact same engine as Uncharted". A thought verified by that ridiculous climbing jump that no one would ever do in real life and the collapsing train looks suspiciously similar to a different collapsing train....

IMMEDIATE EDIT: Woah wait what was i thinking!? Sorry, for some reason i thought Ubisoft did Uncharted. My bad! But still, it does look similar in some respects.

Anyone else had the first thought: Ah, Fallout 3 ?


and again no love for pc.

i really would like to play this game.
just a gang ruled wasteland which might even be more frightening with its plausable dog eats dog scenario and not another mutant evil BS or zombies.

i really hope it doesn't make a 180° turn in the end like dead island did.

I cant wait. i have been watching this game for years.

The mere fact that it is an apocalyptic game without zombies makes it more interesting to me than all other apocalyptic games combined. The sweet bow doesn't hurt either. Of course, if they want my money, they're going to have to dish out and make a PC version.

Sorry guys, but that's just the way it is.

It looks like it could be good, though it'll probably approach the "survival" aspects of finding food and water with the same rarity you experienced in Fallout: New Vegas, i.e. it's everywhere and no one seems to be going hungry, people are just bludgeoning each other over the head because everyone wants to be Lord Humongous.

And the free-hand building-climbing mechanic seemed to scream "Uncharted" to me.

And the game had almost no hype for the past three or four months.

Still... saving children and sex slaves from the Apocalypse's douchebag offspring? Yeah, I can get behind that. MACHETE TO THE FACE! *Riff*

Hmm... it seems the premise has changed quite a bit from the original teaser...

...then again, it's been a long time since that came out! not really surprising...

Either way, I've been eagerly awaiting this for a while... And after this trailer, I'm even more excited!

Seems cool enough. I am a little troubled, however, that escort quests may be the focus of this game... Also somewhat underwhelmed with the attempt at horror. The flashing pictures of corpses? Ruined my opinion of the whole thing. That is to say, I think the trailer kind of screwed that up. Bodies pinned to the wall, hung corpses etc etc is definately disturbing. When you walk into a building with minimal lights, a radio playing somewhere in the distance, and after searching claustrophobic rooms you find the previous occupant butchered and strung up, that causes a sense of dread.

It's not a zombocalpyse, as many of those before me have rejoiced at, as I too am glad for. But if that's the case, the fear needed to come from not what is hiding in the shadows (Cannibal rapist survivor gangs, I am hoping), instead from that which isn't there. Police. Civilians, friends, company. Fiends stalk the city, and you, friend, are all alone.

If you cut the combat, made the exploration of this abandoned, ruined city the entirity of the video, THAT would have been powerful. But there's is at least two survivors shown, including a little girl. It just loses the impact. I mean, that kid survived, how hard could it be for you?

Whoa, whoa, wait. Maybe I'm entirely misinformed, but from what I recall, the rumors about the game hinted that it revolved around an everyman trying desperately to escape a collapsing city during an unknown disaster. THAT sounded awesome. So either I was somehow mislead, or they did a complete 180 degree turn with the concept. This screams "generic." Rugged badass performs indiscriminate acts of good to those in need, while searching for his family? I'd be ASLEEP by the second act. Again, maybe I had too high hopes based on untrue information, but STILL...

how about the pc version??? ah yes, i forgot. we pc players are all pirates for ubisoft.

how about the pc version??? ah yes, i forgot. we pc players are all pirates for ubisoft.

Dude, all they've done is recognize a recurring pattern and done their best to avoid it. This isn't even a case of me defending them, because they don't need defending. They've made a sound decision from a business perspective, and you guys are just bitching that they actually want to turn a significant profit from their project, rather than have a handful of assholes hand out the game for free.

Besides, half of the naysayers are just going to buy it on XBLA anyways, in spite of all your complaints.

I usually try not to get worked up over trivial bullshit, but I am so sick of people saying this my pure loathing is becoming palpable. My hatred for this topic is seriously dripping off me like sweat, only instead of smelling like salt it smells like pain.


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