Trailers: Firefall - World Building Dev Diary

Firefall - World Building Dev Diary

Take a good look into the making of the world of Firefall.

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Guild Wars 2 stopped being my only anticipated MMO I look forward to getting my filthy hands on, now Firefall has been added as my second most anticipated MMO (and I can truly call this an MMOFPS), along with Guild Wars 2.

Maybe End of Nations too, but we'll see how that game evolves.

Looks like that could be a fun game.
I would like a little more information about it thought.
Their website does not have much.

God, I want this to be good. I really, really do. Just the idea of exploring this open world with other friends is intriguing enough.

I've been looking forward to this game for quite a while now.
I Really hope it lives up to expectations.


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