GDC 2012: MechWarrior Tactics

GDC 2012: MechWarrior Tactics

The tabletop moves to the desktop.

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I know that's what I was thinking, the world needed more browser based free to play games cluttering up the internet. It is a shame no one wants to release a full game anymore.

This article doesnt seem to have a link to the game or mention an expected release date? :(

Well the website is easy to find if you google the name:

Release date hasn't been released yet. Sometime in 2012. I'm betting summer.

Has anybody played an old 90s came called Mission Force: Cyberstorm ( I loved that game, despite it being way too hard. I remember they eventually released a patch (once the internet was big enough to actually release patches) that made the first "boss" mission much easier.

I'm hoping Tactics will be as awesome as Cyberstorm was (but, updated for the technological times). I know MWT won't have the level of gameplay complexity Cyberstorm did because it is beholden to the Battletechn universe but hopefully it'll still be as engaging.

Damn thing better be free to play. With how much productivity it's going to suck out of me, it's not like I'll have any money.

So this is sort of like Frozen Synapse, but with big-ass mechs.
Sign. Me. Up.

When I first heard about this, I was really hoping it would turn out to be a mix of the tabletop game and frozen synapse...and it looks like my wish will be granted! =)

now this seems like something I'm interested in. I was slightly disappointed at the MWO but this looks awesome!

Ok I still have a box set of BattleTech in storage somewhere, as well as a copy of MechWarrior both from the mid eighties. This is very cool, now if someone want's to make a hardcore cold war nostalgia online version of Twilight 2000 I will be set for life. Or the Paranioa MMO I'm still surprised hasn't been made yet.

But I don't wanna do it online. I wanna play with mechs by myself. Harumph. Mechwarrior online, mechwarrior tactics online, even that other really amazing looking mech game-- all multiplayer.

I am too old for multiplayer.

MechWarrior Tactics is a newly announced turn-based MMORPG by Infinite Game Publishing, which has put more emphasis on tactics than action on the game.
When I first enter the browser game Broken Realm, I feel amazed because there are so many people on the capital city. But after I play 20 minutes, I feel angry because I can't click the NPC to accept quests.


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